What is your Vise?

I have a Vise and Reel Addiction...
C and F Reference
C and F Marco Polo
Renzetti Traveler
Dyna King Barracuda
HMH Tube Vise
Eumer Tube Vise
Regal Medallion

Now how many can I tie on at one time is the question....

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Use a Danvise most of the time, but still have the 50+ year-old Thompson Dad bought me when I adopted the tying addiction long ago & also have an upgraded Thompson that I use for large hooks, deer-hair bugs, etc.
I use either a HMH Premium tube vise (I`ve also added the Omni and Magnum jaws) , or a Gatsby vise . The Gatsby is hard to find , and is a bit quirky , but it`s the best vise I`ve ever owned .
I tie on a Snowbee-Waldron and my wife uses a Nor-Vise and a Wasatch J-Vise. In 40+ years of tying and fishing I've owned a lot of different vises, the Snowbee-Waldron is the last vise I'll ever need.

I never understood the fascination with the L.A.W. vice. I think the europeans love it for two reasons.. One its made in europe, and Two the dont have to pay the Import Tarriffs on a L.A.W. Vice.
The Example is I can buy a Hardy Rod over there for about 1/3-1/4 less than I can get one in the states for, conversely they pay about that same amount more US Made items...

I think the fact that the vise is a Benchmade Vise that is made by one mane is a very cool aspect but other than that. I dont see what is so great about it.
Nor Regal and Renzetti Travellor

I use the Regal the most.
But the Nor is growing on me.
The renzetti lives inside my light tent, where
I use if for photographing flies.

The renzetti is a well-made vise. But all too often
needs a bit of hooks-size to hook-size adjusting,
which all to often leads to hooks not held tight,
if you don't do the adjusting. With the Regal,
there are no adjustments. You just use it.

The Nor is a bit weird at first, but it does grow on you,
at least for certain fly types and selected operations.
Sometimes I start in Nor and finish in the Regal.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
When I tied, my last vise was a Peak Rotary. But I've used a few more at one time or another. But I haven't tied a fly in over two years now. My last fly was a woven one.