Stolen Gear Alert!


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This seems waaaaay too fishy, in case someone is missing some gear in the Oly Penn:

sage fly pole a sage reel - $1200 (forks wa)

Date: 2009-12-31, 8:09PM PST
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well this is a sage 590-4 TCX rod with a sage 3300d fly reel @ extra spool with line on both spools and comes with 2 sage socks and a travel case well I don't want to sell them I want to trade them for a pontoon boat I need a boat more than the fly pole got lots of fly poles and just don't use this one much anymore the pole and reel was stolen about 2 years ago and a damn $$$$#[email protected]#$# took off the letterings and make and model of the pole I don't know why but he did well I got the stuff back and I'm still pissed about it and haven't really used it much after that well anyway this isa great outfit if anyone is interested in trading for your pontoon boat or drift boat I wish but I'm looking for a 10' boat but just call and we can work out a deal.
you can email me a [email protected] and if you want I give me your phone # and I call right back. thanks vince
This is such a coincidence! I just heard an NPR story that many thieves these days are not fencing stolen items for untraceable and readily useable cash, they are looking to trade the items for drift boats and pontoon boats. It must have something to do with the current economic crisis.

It would be a lot more appropriate to title this thread "Suspicious Craigslist Sale!" or "Potential Stolen Gear Alert!" And, before posting this on a public forum, might it be more humane to contact the seller and talk to him on the phone to see if your suspicions are justified? Or then again, you could just bust down the guy's door with a SWAT team, followed by a judge and jury. "Happy New Year! Where's the stolen gear, you thief?"


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And have the gall to ask $1200 for the set up and not ask for it in cash, but rather a trade? Yeah, that makes ALOT of sense. That merchandise has got to be hot.
Firstly, the guy said he'd "work out a deal" for the boat. One could infer that he doesn't expect $1200 in trade for this obviously hot merchandise.

Secondly, I would assume that owners of high-end Loomis gear, like McGruff the crime lab, our hero who sniffed out this felon, would at least be able to spell. A lot is two words, not one.


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"A lot is two words, not one"

Yikes.. I'll be sure not to make that mistake again

That said, same guy is on the auction site [recognised the script style] +** 100% member since 02

My moneys on legit.