An Afternoon of SRC Madness-Hood Canal


"Chasing Riseforms"
My friend pulled in my house this afternoon about 1 PM. We were determined to find some SRC’s, or I was for him, since he is not retired yet, so the weekends are his only escape for fly fishing adventures right now. I went out Friday afternoon to a spot on the Hood Canal with only one cutt to show for myself for 3 hours of afternoon fishing by myself, and that fish came unbuttoned. So, I feel the responsibility to locate some fish during the week so I can put my pal on them when the weekend rolls around. We threw our gear in my truck and headed out to a different place on the Hood Canal where I have had some fair success, and I know the water level relative to the tide is about right for finding fish there. We parked and headed down the trail to the beach. It was nicely overcast day and our hopes were high for some action in the somewhat slow winter thus far. We wandered through the nice trail into the woods, huck, and salal and finally reached our beach at about 2 PM. We strung our rods and stepped on down to the shoreline. I think it was my first cast and I had a hit just before picking up my line for another cast. I yelled over to my friend that I just had a follow. He moved down the beach farther and almost hooked up immediately with a nice cutt of around 17 inches. I also hooked up so we had a double going on. I think my first fish was about a 14 inch plus fish. We were separated by about 300 feet and we began yelling over to each other “fish on”. We proceeded to catch some nice cutts, and missed a few takes. We each landed around 5 fish apiece in the 16 to 17 inch range. They were very fat and solid fish. It was hot and then it cooled down as the tide ebbed further. This particular beach seems to fish best when the tides are a little higher in the 7-11 foot range, but maybe I’m dreaming. Anyway, it was a very nice afternoon on the Hood Canal and my responsibility for putting us on some cutts paid off. We were two happy old men after our 2-1/2 hour adventure.
Larry those cutties are incredible, good job! I think you were spot on about going after them at that tidal stage.
Nice to see someone have a good time today.

Rob Ast

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I'm sitting here jonesing for a single hit, and you stack up several nice fish. Your only mistake was leaving the background in the last shot, which I am now triangulating with the help of google earth.


In search of Blinky...
I got my skunk on today at several south sound beaches. I only had the morning half, so I was pinned high on the beach with the high tide. I ended up mostly exploring with maybe 1/2 hour fishing at each spot. I was sure I was gonna hit it big because I forgot the camera, but not this time!

Ed Call

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Sweet report Larry, thanks for sharing. Might want to send that second photo to Leland to enter into some Orvis contest or something. Nice fish, nice reel!
Seems that you found some fish that like your special frozen treats too!


"Chasing Riseforms"
My little "Popsicle Stick" did the trick for me again. (Special frozen treat as Mumbles says...) I was using it in size 6. Funny how you get hung up on one fly for awhile. It's hard to change up while you are catching. My friend put on a chumbaby and got a couple fish on it. Later, as the tide ebbed, a small school of baitfish (or chum fry?) moved in front of me, but I think the fish had moved out by that time.
very nice Larry, that woudn't be the Toandos penninsula in the background?(i coudn't help myself) and i just wanted to say amen to your response on the high tides post as in "just look around" ...those questioning whether it's fact or fiction are probably still sporting "sportsmen for bush" bumperstickers..........