Across Country Fishing

Hi Guys,
I've read your forum like a daily newspaper for the last two years and feel like it's time to throw in a thought. I lived in B'ham a couple years going to school, married one of your best and moved back to NC. Unfortunately, it didn't take. I think we had too much sunshine. Damn, you guys do have beautiful women to choose from tho. My thoughts now stray to fly fishing across country. I'd love to spend several weeks to a few months flyfishing across America. I'm starting with you in the great NW. Well actually,I'm offering in the SE. I live within 2 hrs of the best trout fishing in NC. Let me know guys. Help me connect the dots. You can camp/ stay at my place. Lets trade. Hell, I will be your guide. I'll feed you good for the same exchange across country. This could be a 5 star, lets plan the date fishing excursion.

Kyle Smith

DBA BozoKlown406
You could do this: NC, TN, AR, MO, ......CO, WY, MT, ID, WA. The only state not known for its trout fishing on this route would be Kansas.