Steelhead swap slackers...heres the list


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Whats up fellas...I have not received your flies...I better have em by this sunday when I return from the OP or your x'd !!!! later

~Patrick ><>
Now that's more like it, Paddy! Good job, my boy. The horrible glare of this world wide spotlight will cause a ton of humiliation and guilt and you may see those flies personally delievered.
Bob, the Student of Paddy }(
Gosh man, I don't know. I have 6 done and I won't be able to finish the others until Monday. I am tied up trying to do another trip to the OP. I am bringing my materials and tying in the tent for this trip.

Do you guys want to wait or just kick me out of this one?

I can promise to have them to you by Wednesday of next week. I promise!:dunno
Hey Coopduck;
I am polishing the brass on my brass knucles for my knucle sandwich for you. Don't make me do it. Buy your way out. Cabela's or Hill's. Hill's has a lot more class.
Bob, the Oh How I Hate To Punch


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coopduck bailed on the swap so im just waiting for troutman101's flies to arrive??????? Will let you all know when they arrive.

~Patrick ><>