2/7 cady lake

Met mtnwkr at the launch today for a few hours of casting. yeah, that's about it. larry had said the food sources are down so the big fish have been mooching off the smolts that he just planted in there, and white wolly buggers seemed to be producing. so we tried white, along with a ton of other stuff. josh had a take early on a white bugger, maybe an 8 incher, but lost him on the hookset. about 1115 i had a slow tug, did a half hookset leaving slack in my line, and the 16-ish incher came out from under the bushes and hit my brown seal bugger again, but i was helpless with a slack line and he took off. that was the excitement for the day. water temp was 42, weather was overcast and air temp about 42, light breeze out of the south every now and then. two others out there, one in an orange pontoon and one in a pram, no luck that i could see. lots of fish jumping and just cruising out in the open water about a foot under the surface. what's the secret with this lake? are the fish just trained? this is my third trip and i'm still fishless but still determned because i see lots of fish every time. good day on the water despite the skunk. tight lines all!

If they're eating smolts, I'd fish a big streamer pattern. I've caught some pigs out of there on a 2-3 inch white/black/red streamer.