Reels.....Best bang for the buck!

Ed Call

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Although I've just started using it, Allen Fly Fishing XL reel is a great bang for the buck.
Redington CD reels are pretty sweet deals too, lifetime warranty, lots of capacity and I've brought in nice fish on 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8.
Okuma Integrity Large Arbors, from 5/6 up to 10/11 pretty good for their price.
Okuma Sierras for a standard arbor, pretty hard to beat them if at that price point.
Cabelas Super Large Arbor, I've used the smaller two sizes and for the fish you expect to catch on them they rock too.
Not a single reel on this list over a hundred bucks in today's market. Hell, I think you can get each for $50 or less.

Is that enough bang?
I'd have to say a Ross CLA, if you want best value with modern day train stopping drags. Or just get an old and faithful, proven Hardy Marguis, Sage 500 series, SA System reel, or a Medalist in the appropriate size and they will all serve you very well and give you the best bang for your buck with a touch of history and class to boot.


You know what it is!
I'll say that my Lamson Guru has been fantastic. A season and a half an narry a problem. Light, asthetically pleasing and smooth on the drag. Oh yeah, and most importantly, affordable.
did I mention Lamsons are great, and Meisers are the best buy?
I believe the meisers reels are pretty much the same as the amundson reels, just with a different logo. and I have heard of those amundson having serious issues with the drag.
meisers stuff is usually top notch but I don't think he had as much a hand in these as some people would lead you to believe.

the cheapest of the lamson reels share's the same drag as the more expensive prettier models, which just goes to show you that a pretty reel is worth more than a functional one in today fly fishing market. you could blow 800 on a top of the line rulon disc drag reel made by hatch (amazing bomb proof reels btw) or you could pay 1200 for a brand new hardy perfect made in korea that will make a loud noise when attached to a fish and hold your line (and thats about it)...

long story short they are all good, you just have to figure out who you want to be like- john gierach or john hazel and then go spend your hard earned cash for a little happiness.