Eurika Equnox 6

I need some advise. I shipped my old Equnox 6 tent to New Zealand this year and need to replace it. I have gone on the web sites and prices range all over the place but when I placed an order I got confirmation and then a cancilation notice as they said that they had to get permission from Eurika before they could sell at that price. My question is...does anyone have a recommendation where I might get the best value? Alternatively, is there another brand that combines the features that I like. The Equnox is easy to put up, spacious, stable in strong wind, only uses 6 tent pegs and the rain fly comes down almost to the ground. Thanks for any advise. Warren

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
It's hard to beat those tents. I still have mine from almost 20 years ago. I LOVE it!!!! I rarely tent camp anymore. But that tent is pretty hard to beat at the prices when I bought it (not sure on how much they cost anymore). I'd say your best bet is to try places like ebay, craigslist, etc if you're looking for best price.