Big Boy Cataraft

Ed Call

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My narrow and short two person frame was a bit tight and when wanting to have a friend front and back or for taking family trips of length I wanted more room. Riverman wanted to downsize. We swapped frames.

My new to me frame arrived this evening and after everyone was in bed I put it together (about 90 minutes because I'm not that smart) and then another hour or so messing around with it.

First photo: (needs some parts, casting floors front and rear, mount the bags, yada yada yada...)

This thing is SOOOO Much BIGGER than my former frame and tubes. I hope that is a good thing.

Ed Call

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So, clearly after a few hours of sleep on the matter...I need to install some casting decks fore and aft. I've got a bunch of surplus bamboo flooring that will do if I can't find a solution (inhouse so it is already paid for). I can seal it well, it will support my weight with minimal flex and damn would it look nice (and odd). Anyone have any light weight, strong load bearing ideas for decking? My drop down frame tubes are 30" center to center and I'm thinking a nice dance floor of about 28" x 28" will give the angler positions a lot of comfortable room to move about. I've thought of trex decking, but that stuff is HEAVY and this toon is already twice the weight of my previous 2 seater. I've thought of plastic or metal shelving from heavy duty shelf rack systems. Who's got some great ideas that won't break the already broken and depleted piggy bank?

I also want to put some sort of platform on the sides (tough on the rower's right due to the anchor clamp assembly) so that the passengers can step onto the tubes without actually touching the tubes. Again, I was thinking of in house bamboo flooring or the trex decking...and your thoughts are?
Beech plywood is only about $40-50 sheet. It doesn't weigh that much and you can seal it with a poly sealer or resin. If you use the resin, drizzle some sand on it when the top hardens.


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My friends had a guy out west sew them a custom mesh floor for their cats to exact specifications, and it was very reasonable and tough. I'll send you the website tonight.

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Thank you both for the mesh floor suggestions. Never used or stood on one but I'll check them out. I'm looking for some "mesh" metal sources too. I have a few quote requests pending.

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Thanks Shawn K, I've got a link to that page and have considered it. I had thought more about it for cargo platforms than standing areas though.
Mumbles I have the mesh floor on my 14' cat and love drains almost instantly. I thinks its easy to stand flexes some but not enough to cause you to be unbalanced. I would highly recommend it. I'm 90% sure that I'll be over for the Hoh Down and I'll have it there if you want to test drive it.

Good luck,