Coffee Pot lake

Has any one been to Coffee Pot the last few days? I want to know if it has turned over. When I was there opening weekend it looked like it was starting already.
I want to go this coming weekend.
I haven't been back but one of the guys that was with me a couple weeks ago hit it today for about 1.5 hours. They had 5-6 and lost a few others. He said most people weren't catching much, and the weather wasn't great, but they did have some action. he didn't say anything about it turning over.
Check your pm on another issue.

I fished Saturday , Spokane FF club had an outing that day , good bunch of people, I headed to the west end of the lake as I did the week before. I believe the lake turned over last week and wasnt much better this week. water was cola colored and murky. I am assuming that is what happens when it turns over. Fisihing was slow on the west end, but managed to pick up a few and saw a few other boats having some success , just not great.
Fished chironomid's and buggers all day . all in all a great day at CP. Thinking of hitting the CF for skwallas if the weather cooperates this weekend.hope to see you out there soon.

Ed S
Thanks guys sounds like the typical Coffee Pot scene. Windy and spotty fishing but 6 fish in an hour and half is pretty good. The SFF out is a traditional season opener they are really a bunch of good guys and gals sorry I missed it.
I will be there this weekend with my son and grandson I am hoping to get the grandson into some of those big fish and get him really interested in fly fishing.
Ed if you get to the CF let me know how you did I will probably be there Saturday the 3rd.
Fished here over the weekend with my son and grandson Arik. Arik caught his first fish on a fly rod. Good times. It is interesting to fish in a multi-species lake some of the fish were bass nice ones at that.
Water clarity in the big bay near the launch was a little stained. Out in the big part of the lake near the cliffs seemed to be more clear.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I started reading this post thinking that someone said it was a zoo this Saturday and I couldn't understand because I was there on Saturday and there was plenty of water. Glad to hear that Arik caught his first fly caught fish.

That is pretty cool that your grandson caught his first fish, glad you got to share it with him.
While I haven't targeted bass for several years since I started fly fishing (other than a small mouth trip to John Day last summer) I have been a pretty big gear bass fisherman since living in South Carolina, but had never caught a bass on the fly until CP that weekend I went out there. I hear there are big boys in there. I may have to target them this summer.
Glad you guys had fun.
Fished CP Saturday. Didn’t take a temp but the water sure felt cold. The fish seemed spread out and not dialed in to anything in particular. Covering water was key. Caught fish on 9 different patterns in all parts of the lake from 2’ to very deep along the cliffs. No bass for us but didn’t target them either. The water was stained with maybe 3-4’ visibility.