Went to Bob Meiser's Shop Today!

My brother and I trekked over to Bob's shop in Medford today to work out the details of our 4/5 switch rods. I think I learned more in three hours of talking with him than I have in the last few years of visit websites, lurking on blogs and shooting the breeze with fly shops owners. Not only did he spend half his day teaching us the ins and outs of spey rods, he re-shaped our current rod handles to custom fit our grips.

One of the biggest things I learned was how important it is to have the rod handle shaped just right. I held his personal spey rod and could immediately feel the difference between his handle and the handle on my Z-Axis 7-136. His low profile grip allows you to feel the blank load as well as encourages a delicate top-hand grip. He went ahead and turned a handle for us and talked us through how he shapes the cork. By the end of the turning session my brother and I were convinced of three things, 1) Bob Meiser is the Bob Ross of spey rods. (If you don't know who Bob Ross is, he's the dude with the afro and beard who painted those awesome oil paintings and would always say, "now let's add a happy little tree.") The guys is simply amazing at what he does and it's inspiring to watch him work; 2) The handle and shape of the cork is way more important than we thought; and 3) our handles on our Z-Axis rods are not even close to what they should be.

Here's the cool part. In addition to building the handles on our 4/5 switch rods, Bob offered to re-shape the handles on our current spey rods. Within 45 minutes he had custom shaped our handles giving our rods a much improved and balanced feel.

The guy does amazing work and I've already got my other rods set out to send his way. I would highly recommend talking with him about grips and why they ought to be shaped. Better yet, get one of his rods...they are work horses and works of art.
Sounds like a really cool experience at Meisers Shop. I agree that his handles are works of art. The upper handle on my MKS lets me feel the load and gives me more feedback into what the rod is doing during the cast. its almost like Bob's rods talk to you .I bet the 4/5 switch rods your getting will be really nice!. If you havent already , give Steve's SGS custom lines a try they rock . great story thanks for sharing.
Yes, we are going with Steve's custom lines built especially for the rod. What a cool experience to be able to sit down, design the handle, the build and the line. I can't wait for the 4/5 switch to show up. I plan on using it for the salmon fly hatch this year on the Deschutes and many, many other rives I like to fish.

After talking with Bob, I discovered just how versatile that 4/5 switch will be. I plan on swinging up a few summer runs with it as well.

Steve spent time with me showing me his new custom wraps and some of his 30 year old threat that he uses under the feather inlay. WAY COOL stuff. Dude, 30 year old thread that no one in the world has. How cool is that?


Rod tubes in the overhead compartment
I felt I "had to" respond when this mans name came up.

Being from the GLs, Bob carefully interviewed me for each rod I "thought" I wanted.
I like this friendly challenge he put to me......, because while Ive been fishing 2 handers for a few years,
I don't fish a lot, and my casting and knowledge of trends is limited. This guy?----He's right in the middle of the game.

I had to reply with my animate agreement on Bob being the pinnacle of experience, skill and service in my opinion.

My wife recently went ballistic on my gear for various reasons; but part of the body count was a custom MKS that became a 7 piece.
The rod approached 900 bills (!!!),--- and Im now getting replacement sections re-made for only 150. Thats a steal.

This guy is a craftsman, angler, and gentleman wrapped up in one. Im delighted that I will never be buying $$$$ spey gear rods and reels-- from some Corporate Japannesse division of a sector of a mega- manufacturer indirect company. My prized possessions are my spey rigs, and I know the dudes that made the rods and reels. When I shake thier hand, the callouses on them are probably from hand-burring and buffing my clicker reel's cage. and that is totally cool.

Guys like this are why I've made a personal choice with my $$$ spend.


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Im delighted that I will never be buying $$$$ spey gear rods and reels-- from some Corporate Japannesse manufacturer indirect company.
Thats Just a personal choice with my $$$ spend.
Before I moved up here, I had never heard of Bob Meiser. Or Gary Anderson. Kerry Burkheimer was a myth. And Steve Godshall was just another guide type that would show up at the fly club meetings. Fred Evans used to say So. Oregon was in a "Spey Vacuum"
Kerry still remains somewhat of a myth. Only because his shop is where it is in relation to where I am. But, having spent a lot of time with these other three guys, I can honestly say they are the real deal. And, because of these guys, So. Oregon is now more like a "Spey Mecca"
For me, there is very little that can compete with quality time on the river. Bob Meisers shop will do it!:thumb:

stewart dee

Its a whole new caliber of Rod and if you have not fished one for the day you should. Its like flying the space shuttle.. even though I have no clue what that's like.
Thanks for all the kind words you guys ...

... But Damn

After all these years I thought I'd be free of the burdens caused by that one unspeakable signal violation.

And yet again this heinous crime rears it's ugly face.

Alas <> My life is shyt ... {:^( ... !!!


It was actually left turn onto a one-way