The Old Lawless Steelhead Fly

Here is my nomination for the official Washington fly. I call it the Old Lawless in honor of two of this site's elder statesmen. It is a spey fly in the tradition of Glasso, Johnson and Shewey. It is dark in order to fish well in low light winter days. It has the rococo excrescences (GP crests, jungle cock) of a Bob Lawless essay. And it makes liberal use of silver and grey reflecting the sparse grey hackle of the Old Man.

Hook: Partidge CS 10/1 size two or Alec Jackson size 3. Tip: three turns fine oval silver tinsel. Tag: dark green floss. Tail: GP crest followed by three strands peacock sword half as long as crest. Butt: Black ostrich herl. Body: half silver tinsel and half green, dark blue and black dubbing. Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel. Hackle: Blue Eared Pheasant from dubbing, followed by two turns of blue guinea feather. Underwing: Blue eared pheasant feathers back to back. Overwing: Married strands of black and dark blue goose followed by a GP crest. Cheeks: jungle cock.

Atlantic Salmon tyers might see a resemblence of this fly to Mark LeBlanc's Bonne-Aventure (Summer 1998 Wild Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon). It was the basis I started from.
Wow! What a fly! I'll sign on to that thing any day. Brings up tears, it does. And I am certain such a fly would be dynamite for nearly all species, particularly coho, steelhead, and sea runs. Maybe a huge chinook every now and again.
You have one problem though, Silverbrown, your flies are too pretty to be fished. I mean, that dozen you sent me, no water as yet. Just can't do it. Sorry.
If I get in just the right spot, I might pick one out and try it for a few casts just to see. I mean, if you don't use spey flies are you really a spey fisherman or just a spey caster?
So I've got to use 'em. But not anytime soon,OK? I still want to look at them.
Bob, the Big Fan of Silverbrown and Jim.

Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
"Rococo excrescences" indeed. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Somehow this one does bring to mind some of Bob's more free form stories with the dog and the parrot an lord knows what all else thrown in. They are certainly rococo and fairly bulging with excrescences.

Seriously though I have been an admirer of LeBlanc's flys for some time he has a great personal style.
Glad you guys like the flies. Would love some time to fish Leblanc's Cascapedia with one of his patterns.

Bob, you need to fish those flies although I admit I'm a hypocrite at this. Have had innumerable second thoughts about tying a Dick Wentworth tied Mr Glasso on the line and snagging it on a rock. I have a spade tied by Alec Jackson which is never going to see the river.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Bob,my son. He sent you a dozen flies. I feel left out I only got two and one went into the bushes on the other side of the Stilly. But I wasn't the Lady Caroline just the Silver Brown. Boy he sure does tie up pretty flies don't he. I also just look at the the one left and wonder,should I use it or not.

On another note,hows your spey casting coming. Are you getting any better. I've been taking some lessons and my casting is improving.