Roger Stephen's Secrets Outed!


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Heads up guys!

On Saturday, May 8 at 2:00PM - Our own Roger Stephens will present a free seminar, "Fly Fishing South Puget Sound from a Boat." Roger will have his boat at the shop and will show you how it's rigged. He will also tie his special flies and tell you how he fishes the coves and inlets down south.

The presentation will cover my thoughts/approach to fly fishing for sea-run cutthroat on Puget Sound. I just posted in the Events Forum of WFF under Spring Orvis Days thread a listing of the 6 sections for the 1 1/2 to 2 hours talk about "half truths":hmmm:. There will be 1 to 3 page handouts for each section.

Roger, I didn't know that you were one to make presentations but I'd like to invite you to my place in Dash Point on Saturday, May 15th. We are having a BBQ, fly Tying, fly casting, story telling day. I expect there will be between 15 and 20 people there. If you'd like to do your thing all over again or would just like to hang out with some of the guys and gals from the forum, you would be most welcome.


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cool can he do the same class the following week at dash point at Steve's?

I would be sooo great to have you and we are looking for a couple people to do demos

Leland said he would come after work so he will be doing a two handed casting
Demo around 7:00 pm

It would be great to have you do something too
Steve and Kevin:

Thanks for the invite to your gathering! My grandson's basketball team is playing in an Oregon Prep tournament on May 15 and 16 in Vancouver, Wa. so I'll be down there watching his games. Otherwise it would be enjoyable to hang out with some other saltwater fly fishers for the day. If anything changes, I'll let you know plus I would to glad to participate in future gatherings. Just send me a PM.



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I've never met Roger personally, but his info on this forum is outstanding! I'll definately try to make it to the seminar! And good luck to your grandson's team - that sounds like fun too.

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Welcome BugChukr,

Orvis of Bellevue. They are one of the site sponsors here. You can click on their name on the left of the Main Forum page or on the Content Page under Sponsors. The shop is worth the trip, IMHO and to go on a day where Roger Stephens will be presenting some of the information that he uses to get on fish is a great idea. That makes it double worth the trip, IMHO. Good luck.