BitterRoot’s squash and meat loaf

Annie Rutherford

Washington Native
If you like to cook Dutch oven style, you must try this! I pm’ed bitterroot to get the recipe, he responded with instructions. Basically you stuff the squash with your favorite meat loaf stuffing and add water to the bottom of the oven.
But you know I have to put my spin on the recipe. So hear is what I did.
Hollow out the squash, cut a flat spot on the bottom so they sit upright, per bitterroot.
Cover the bottom of oven with tinfoil-bright side up.
In a bowl combine hamburger, Jimmy dean sausage, green pepper, 1 egg, ritz crackers, and spices.
I didn’t measure any thing- just used the mark one calibrated eyeball.
Than stuff your squash and top with bacon.
Add two cans of chicken stock to oven and cover with tinfoil (tinfoil makes a good seal) and put the lid on.
Cook over a hot flame.
Some after thoughts.
Coating the inside of the squash with brown sugar before stuffing or adding some cyan to the meat mix.
I used the leftover meatloaf mix to make some hors d’oeuvre.
Thanks bitterroot!
Hear are some pictures.
Cheers everyone


Love vintage graphite!
Wow! Great job Annie!!! I'm glad you liked it....and the upgrades you made sound fantastic :thumb:

And that is one helluva nice outdoor cooking area...I'm envious!