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I've read a lot of the online reviews and searched the forum and have decided take the plunge into a DSLR. Since I have a couple of older Nikon lenses, that's where I'm headed. My inclination is to buy the D5000. However, I know that a few of you here have sprung for the D90 and I'm curious if it's really worth the extra $. I don't my spending the extra bucks but I wonder if I'll actually notice the difference. I'd appreciate any feedback.




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The older lenses will fit on the d5000, but the d5000 has no drive motor for autofocus - it uses lenses with the quietdrive motors.

Having said that, I shoot a d-5000 with both auto and manual lenses, and love it. The flip-out viewfinder is a boon for off-angle or "creative" shooting.

Pretty sure the d90 has the drive motor in the camera body for lenses...anyone wanna confirm?
yer, you need to have an afs lens if you get a d5000 for auto focus. The D90 has better sensor & specs in general, check out classifieds for great deals on near new to new cameras (& lenses). Most active B&S forum I have seen.