Single foot guides for Switch rod

Question on single foot guides for a switch rod (Batson 7wt 10'8").

Has anyone used single foot guides on their switch rod?

What have you used and how do they work for you?

Did you down size the guides after the stripping guide?

What brand did you use ?

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I built the 5 and the 7 weight this past winter, using the double foot guides. I prefer using double foot guides on my builds because I find them much easier to work with, such as lining them up straight and keeping them in place. Having said that, I would not be afraid to use the single foot guides. I built the Forecast spey, 11 1/2 foot, 5/6 weight a few years ago with the single foot guides and it has worked nicely. Had to use use larger single foots as a spey line goes through those. I have always downsized my guides with single foots, the same as you would with the normal snakes.



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I noticed the echo switch rods all have single foot guides on them. I have built 3 switch rods to date and am starting my 4th (Sage 5110-4) and have always used double and will continue to, but for no particular reason other than it's what I know.
I built my switch with single foots. They work fine. I used REC recoils because they are lightweight and indestrucible and corrossion proof. I will likely use my rod in the salt at some point. Although I don't know that other guides will melt in saltwater. RECs make a funny noise which I never noticed much until this rod. Maybe because it is longer? It doesn't bug me but I bet some people would not like it.

Like Wayne, I also built a spey rod with single foots which also worked fine. I used Batson guides and got advice at the time from one of the Batson guys. Not many spey rods with single foots.

Single foots are slightly lighter but other than that it is mainly a matter of personnal preference.


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I've had two spey rods with single foot guides. An Echo 1307 and a custom build CND black spey 13'-0" 5/6/7. Both rods set up with skagit heads & running lines. The custom build had too many guides, too close together, especially near the tip top. This was causing the running line to jam up back at the stripper guides as it could not get through those single foot guides fast enough when shooting a lot of line. I re-did the rod with larger stripping guides, larger and fewer snake guides and oversize tip top. That took care of the problem. The Echo rod with the single foot guides make a lot of noise when working the head out, but other than that it works. So I have not messed with it.

I've never heard of anyone under sizing guides. Single or double foot. And the only advantage I've ever noticed with single foot guides on fly rods is less wraps for the maunufacturer. So, the way I see it, they are strictly a cost cutting effort. Anything else I suspect is marketing hype. They were a big fad back in the 80's. If they were that good , you would think everyone would be using them by now.