Skwala dry pattern

I should tie some up for the Yak, yah? I don't even know what they should look like, let alone where to get a recipe. Can you guys help me out? I assume there might be a nymph that goes with this as well. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.
Thanks. They both look super fun to tie, though the nymph maybe a little difficult....? Do the colors looks right for the Yak on the examples in the tutoriasl?

I don't know what that Midge Flex stuff is either.


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the Skwala Nymph pattern in the link that Trout Man sent is a pretty easy pattern.Midge flex is just another name for scud back or nymph skin.
Colors on the dry are pretty good for Yak Skwalas.I would tie some in the olive and some in a olive/brown,just in case the olive doesn't work for you.
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Here are some Yakima Skwala pictures. Adult Yakima Skwalas tend to be quite dark and some (not all) show variably prominent yellow markings on the underside. The wings of the female are about the length of the abdomen plus half the length of the tails while those of the male are somewhat shorter than the abdomen. The mature female can sometimes also be seen carrying a ridiculously large bundle of eggs at the tip of her abdomen.

The best imitation of the Skwala nymph that I've come across is Al's Rubberlegs. It's a pretty simple pattern, brindle chenille with Flexi-floss legs, and looks much more lifelike in the water than most. The dry pattern shown is my own, a friend of mine has dubbed it the Slackwater Black. I started working on it over 10 years ago, it floats low in the surface film (which I think is important) and, since it is such a low floater, is not intended to be fished with a dropper. The yellow foam on the head is just to make it a little more readily visible on the water.


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I tie them on size 6-10, 2X long dry fly hooks (typically Tiemco TMC5212, Gamakatsu P10-2L1H or Orvis 1638). I used to use peccary bristles for the tails and antennae but finally decided they were too stiff; for the last couple of years I've been using polyester paintbrush fibers. The brush cost $6.50 but it should last the rest of my life. The body is dubbed using the dubbing-loop method and the wing is moose body hair, which is very durable and floats extremely well. The hackle is dark dun, tied in front of the wing, Trude-style, and clipped underneath.


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I tied some up some bullethead skwalas for a friend fishing the Bitterroot/Rock Creek/Clark Fork over in Montana and he's had pretty good success with them. Don't know if the colors of the Montana bugs match yours, but you could make some simple adjustments to fix that. I'll add pics when I get home.

Pretty easy recipe:
hook - 2xl dry (like a Tiemco 5212) #10-12
thread - yellow monocord
egg sack - black foam strip (tied down then doubled over to create the sack; also acts as underbody)
body - olive adhesive-backed Furry Foam
rib - yellow Uni-Stretch
wing - weed block fabric trimmed to shape
head/wing - olive deer hair tied as bullet head (tips should extend to hook bend), trimmed underneath
legs - barred Sili legs (pumpkin-green/orange)
indicator - yellow 2mm foam

The one in the upper left was something I was playing with, adding the parachute post; don't think it was worth the extra time and effort.