Kudos to Ive!! Batterys for my Abel

I just had to give a big thanks to Ive for finding" Batteryspec" as a great source. I have an older Abel/EXP....same as the Waterstrider and for those of you who own these great rafts you know the area behind you is limited. I bought 3 TD14-12 batteries.....specs are for each: 14 Amps.....6x4x4 inches......9+ lbs....and only $36.00. So I have 42 Amps and only 28 lbs. I parallel 2 batteries and on a long day or long runs, when those get low I switch over to the 3rd battery. They fit in a small Rubbermaid container and a large day cooler sits on top. As the years march on and still recovering from major back surgery, it sure is nice to fish all day and not be crippled up that night! I'll post some pics of the motor bracket...it's similar to the Waterstrider version, but I think it's better: made it out of 1/2" C-Board, total weight is 4 lbs and total cost was $42.00. I have sent some rigging tips and of my anchor bracket to other owners so feel free to PM me for the design. Thanks again Ive! Fred.