Tiger Musky info.

I am looking for some info regarding tigers in WA. Does anyone know the right time of year to target these fish on a fly? I understand fishing can be good year round for the gear guys. Also, I understand Tapps and Mayfield are good lakes in western wa. What about you eastside guys?

I am just looking to get started and I now have a 15' motorboat to use, so I plan on making this the focus of my summer PM to swap info if youd like, or post it here in the forum

Also, if youre not a total wierdo, and are interested in Musky fishing, let me know, perhaps we can work out a trip.
I've fished for northern pike a lot with a fly rod. Musky and tigers are much more difficult to catch. That said, I've been interested in targeting tigers on Lake Tapps. Lately, I'm wondering if there has been a decline in the population of Tigers at Lake Tapps because I haven't seen any reports. A few years ago, many people were posting pictures of 20+ lb. fish. I'll be up at Tapps this summer fishing for smallmouth and searching for carp and tigers. Send me a p.m. if you are interested in meeting up sometime.

James W.
A guy I work with lives on Tapps and fishes smallies from his dock. He said he just had a huge one follow his crank bait this past W/E. I will be targeting them this Summer !!