Iliamna dreaming

Newhalen river.. brawling, clear, fish filled w/ mean sockeye .. needed 8wt. st croix legend/ ross big game 4.. 25lb. shock tippet maxima ug. 15 ilb ug tippet. thes fish are ballistic no way if foul hooked.. many definite grabs.. on orange comet, chartreuse spanker, dan deceiver.. (see photo). yes bears.. cold water, little rain. only one flyfishing. most carry 44mag.. bears can be aggressive.. did capture blonde brown bear in video,, 200 ft away.. fished there many times in 90's... not many go there now.. hope it lasts..pebble 50 mi N.W. recommend red quill lodge.. friendly, good food, heineken on tap...plan to go back every year..
Reds are the most fun salmon to fight that is for sure. I always use a 7wt sage and 10lb leader with either a gold comet or sockeye orange. It probably wouldnt be a bad idea to fish heavier gear, but its just so much fun to finesse larger fish than to power them in. The downside to that is a lot of break-offs.

I wish i could get back to Alaska during the season, looks like you had an awesome trip!


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Sorry..I just clicked the link and you need to do a search for red quill on that page..worked for me. They have a phone number and other info, but apparently no web addy.

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That's where I went on my first trip to Alaska some 25 years ago... Reds are fun.
Is the "main street through town" still the dirt runway?