Montana - Ruby River trip - July 2010

Stopped in Missoula on the first day, so headed over to Rock Creek for a few hours. Fishing was just OK, nothing like the last time I was there. The next day we hit my friend's ranch on the Ruby. We decided to go small stream and fish a tributary in the valley. I managed three plump browns from 10" - 14" and a cutt around 15". My buddy lost the fish of the day. He managed to get his fly in a tiny (but deep) pocket in some snags... and his hook-up with an 18" or better fish was done pretty quick. Into some roots and popped off.

Spent a couple of fun days on the upper Ruby which always produces well. It's tough to have a bad day there and the scenery is incredible.

Spent a full day on another tributary we love to fish and it was another great day of small stream fishing. Between the two of us we caught and released a bunch of fish (quit counting after 15). The best part was fishing the faster water where it runs down through a small canyon. The cutts were all over the big caddis we were fishing and it was fun to see 15" fish coming out of these small holes.


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Very cool report and pictures. I am surprised at how stained the water is. Looks like my kind of trout water; small and secluded with wiley but willing trout that may never reach epic sizes but more than make up for it in beauty.

You didn't run into Old Man Jim did you? :rofl: