went and did the rounds today. located a spot loaded with fish. caught little silvers to 14 inches then it just stopped, caught a cuttroat when it got dead about 8 inches. all on a shrimp pattern. had a little cutt jump 4ft out of the water where I was wading. wasnt even hooked. took a few hours of beach hoppin to find em. has any body been having any in the saltchuck lately? cant wait for the blackmouth opener. on a calm day I'm gonna try point wilson and midchannel bank on a fly rod. tight lines all, Ben

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
FishPirate and I are contemplating going out to hit the beaches on Sunday, and we know you are the King of the Salt, Chuck. So with that punishment, I would like to know if you might allow us a little inquiry: On which tide do you like to fish, or do you think it matters to SRC, salmon or steelies?

Oh, congrats on the catch! It sounds like a fun day of fishing. :THUMBSUP

I personally think its diffrent for every spot. incoming tide is best around rocky areas with bulkheads. where the last part of the outgoing tide to the start of the incoming tide around points with eel grass. you get that current change changing everything around with in casting distance of a drop off (usually at low tide) with the eel grass flats you got your self a major forage area for fish. but I have caught fish at all tides so unsystemmaticly that I cant answer that questin. but I do feel a northwind makes for lousy fishy and a southwesterly is most productive. but they can go on the bite whenever. good luck, Ben

roger stephens

For src, I like to fish either side of a moderate low tide(5-6 ft) with the first 1-3 hours of the incoming tide being the better particularly during low light conditions. For silvers, I don't think which tides matter so much as having nice current(also for src) and low light conditions. If I have a choice, I prefer not to fish around higher high tides(14-16 ft). Having said that you really just have to take what the weather and tides give you for that day. With a little thought you can choose which part of the day would give you the best fishing conditions at the locations which you have some knowledge of.