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Question for the better photogaphers here. When I visit forums, fishing and hunting mostly, with lots of photos I see many where the photog (some posing as pro/semipro) dial up the saturation, clarity or other settings on their pics. Most get rave reviews and I know they are coming from people like me that don't know crap about post processing. Why such reviews? I think they look fake. Over worked. Well, frankly I think they look like shit. Comments?


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Just a matter of personal taste. That's why i'm keeping all my RAW images on a disk forever. I know that in a couple years I'm going to say to myself - dude - what the hell were you thinking jacking the colors like that.

Also - I think a lot of it is novelty. I just bought adobe lightroom. It has a TON of kick ass auto settings to make pictures pop with different styles. So, naturally - if there's new buttons - I'm pressing them.

Here's some examples. Some of these I like - some of these I know I'll hate in a while.


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what you are seeing is that crappy over worked HDR trend.
I shoot raw. I barely touch the saturation but I may boost the vibrance a bit + sharpen and curves to a clean up the image. Your eyes have adjusted to seeing blurry made for web images from early low resolution digital cameras and not the new HD images. This image is what you probably don't like but honestly, I have done very little post processing to it and the colors are spot accurate.

I think some images can be over worked in post. It takes constraint to not blow apart an image and over boost a poor capture. Here is a good article on this subject.

please stop that crazy HDR trend.
Some of the most vehement opponents of post-processing often advocate for their Velvia, or Sensia, or Kodachrome, or whatever..... The reality of it is that most, if not all, film processing in the days of old indeed did have basic treatments that did things like boost saturation and contrast, particularly with some of those types of slide film intended for landscape shooting.

It's just that folks today who choose to shoot RAW now have their hands at the levers making their own decisions...and some have a hard time saying enough's enough.

There's some fantastic surreal stuff out there's just bizarre when the person behind the lens won't own up to pushing the limits.

In fact, all point & shoot cameras shooting jpeg have in-camera post-processing that is taking place....whether or the operator realizes it.

HDR? Yep, most of it's jacked up in my opinion.


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....and by the way I am guilty of over processing also. As you say we now have our hands on the buttons and sliders. Need to learn to know when enough is to much.