Z-Axis Alignment Dots and Ferrules?

So, a question or two for Z-Axis owners. I was in a shop looking at the Z-Axis and noticed a couple of things - first there are no alignment dots (as many other high- and lower-end rods have). Second, the ferrules didn't seem as tight when the rod is assembled as say a Helios.

1. Anyone know why Sage didn't just put alignment dots on the rod? Obviously, sight of eye will work too, I was just curious.

2. Bigger concern is the relative ease of twisting rod sections given the ferrules. Over time, do they same as same tightness as new or do they loosen even more?


Dan Nelson

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I don't know of any Sage models that include alignment dots -- doesn't seem to be a company process. But I've never felt those dots (used by Orvis and a few others) are needed. As for ferrule looseness, I haven't noticed that on the few rods I've tested, nor on those I bought.

For whats its worth (you know what free advice is worth, right?) I have had the opportunity to field test several different 5-wt rods this spring/summer and the Sage Z-Axis was far and away the favorite rod for me and my test test (included a couple independent fishing guides and a couple WDFW officers, as well as myself and a couple other magazine editors). Right behind the Z-axis were the Orvis Hydros Rod and Redington CT rod (note that the Redington CT's run about $160 while the Hydros goes for $490-ish -- the Hydros is a GREAT rod, but its not worth nearly 3x the price of the Redinton CT, which is nearly the Hydros' equal in performance).

FULL DISCLOSURE: When the testing was wrapped up, I went ahead and bought myself a 5-wt Sage Z-Axis as well as a Redington CT 3-wt.
The only Sage I have seen with the dot is the SP models, not sure why the others models do not but like Dan I don't really think they are needed. No furrule issues with either my 590-4 or 390-4 Z-Axis rods.

I agree Dan they are great rods.

Ed Call

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Confessed Z Axis whore here. No alignment dots. No poorly fitting ferrules. Is it possible you have mismatched rod sections? Really, I did once get a Redington RS4 that was 2 parts 7wt and 2 parts 8wt. Obvious follow up, have you by chance swabbed the female ends to see if there is anything inside that is prohibiting full male ferrule insertion? (not something you'll hear or read every day...)


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the ferrule fit on sage rods does not loosen up over time. sage is not as tight a fit between sectionsas some other brands like scott or orvis. on some other rods you have to be careful because sometimes they don't come apart easily. i believe what u describe is normal.

use parafin wax on the ferule connections.