Camping and Fishing trip?

I want to take my gal camping and fishing next weekend and we are not sure where to go. We live in seattle and dont want to go to far, a hundred miles or so. we perfer to fish rivers and are willing to hike. We have been to the Snoqualmie river a few times but would like to try something new. Any ideas would be helpful.
Anyone! I'm new to this site and fairly new to fly fishing about three years now. We just moved to Seattle from the Olympic peninsula. My lady is from Alaska and got me hooked on fly fishing. Any ideas or recomendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Oh man oh man. There's just a million different suggestions. It really depends on what you're looking for. Lakes, Rivers? Trout, Steelhead?

I would seriously just pick a trail with a river running on it. Being from Seattle, I would probably head over to the Olympic Penninsula ;) Have you checked out the hiking in the Leavenworth area? That is definitely worth a shot. Swing over to the ranger station and ask the guy what he'd recommend. He'll be able to give you updated on the trail condition and also tip you in the direction of a nice hike. Work those guys for a while and they'll give up some good trails after you badger them enough. They're actually some of the most helpful people on the planet.

You could also try and get up there really early on a weekday and wait for an Enchantments permit. Just do some googling and you'll get a ton of hits.

Cheers - Jesse


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If Leavenworth seems like too much a drive then maybe you could go on a hike off the mountain loop hwy. Same deal. Stop by the ranger station and let them know you want a trail along a river. Good to go.
Thanks Jesse, we will check those suggestions out. Anybody else have any suggestions for us? We like to fish for trout on the dry fly.
Waptus or Copper rivers both have nice trails off of them and are just on the dry side. Check with the CleElum ranger station for conditions and good places to camp. There are also lakes in the area you could hike to.


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Two options to explore include the North Fork of the Skokomish, above Staircase, or the Dosewallips, both in Olympic National Park. There is a hiking trail along several miles of the North Fork, beginning at the Staircase Ranger Station. In the case of the Dosewallips, a flood several years ago washed out the road into several Olympic National Park campgrounds along the river. However, you can hike around the slide and then you're hiking on an abandoned paved road. Several miles up, you're at Elkhorn campground and a few miles farther you're at Dosewallips campground. There are other campgrounds farther upstream.


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Have you been far up the MF Snoqualmie? This time of year you could drive all the way to the end of the USFS road at Dingford Creek, cross on the new bridge and then hike upstream towards Goldmeyer Hot Springs or beyond. The 'braids' up past Dingford are simply wonderful to fish this time of year. Lots of little cutties that are great fun on a 2wt or 3wt rod.