"See" You Soon


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I'm going into eye surgery to repair a hole in my macula. I hope to "see" you in a week. Dov is going to Yellowstone for a week.

Please be kind to Yolanda.


Upton O

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That popper you gave me, did you tie that before the eye trouble started or after? Seriously, best wishes on successful surgery. Keep us posted on your recovery.

Hope that your eye surgery went well and that you are recovering nicely!

Keep some open days mid-Sept. through early Nov. for a trip or two in my boat when the topwater sea-run cutthroat action is red hot every year.



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Thanks guys. All went well and the recovery is on, although very slow. I've discovered something profound since my recent eye surgery: The reason I haven't seen many fish looking up is because they have also had retinal surgery and their surgeons have ordered them to keep their heads down.

Roger, we will do it down there soon!