Backcountry lakes campsite etiquette gone wrong

I mean, who hikes almost 8 miles into a lake of fantastic natural beauty but is too lazy to go more than 25 feet away from the campsite to take a dump?!?!

If you were in the group that camped at the peninsula site at Upper Granite Lake maybe 2 weekends ago and left THIS there, you should be ashamed of yourselves! And you should march back up there and pick it up.

You literally could not walk into the campsite without seeing human crap. WTF!? Seriously disgusting, selfish, and pathetic. Given the location and its unique fishery, you embarrass me that we share the common description of highlakes angler.

Other than that, our trip was incredible.
I didn't bother clicking...seen it too much already. But yeah, always floors me how many won't go a few extra yards, then either pack it out or bury it. Rule of thumb: Once you're done no one should be able to tell a shit was taken there. IT'S NOT THAT HARD.
I read in an article in an outdoor magazine about how poo deteriates slow slowly at altitude it was a bad idea to bury it. You should smear it in a thin layer over rocks.

Ed Call

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Maybe I'm a crazy mofo, but when I'm in the alpine backcountry I have a home made PVC tube that weighs less than 2# when empty and can carry out all that I can plop out along the way. Strange to think of using it this way, but carrying bags for containment and this tube is not rocket science and then I and only I have to deal with my shit. My parents stopped changing my diapers way too long ago for me to think someone else needs to experience my crap. Sorry for that lowlight of your trip.

Ed Call

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Smart ass. I made a SHIT PACK OUT TUBE out of PVC from Home Depot and carry that. I did not need a book to tell me how to take a crap in the wilderness, but I thought a receptacle to carry it out of there and dispose of it would be better. I can loan it to you...for carrying in your oranges or apples.