S. Fork Snoqualmie Rainbow - Age?


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I caught this fish today on the S. Fork of the Snoqualmie River, east of North Bend. Most fish I catch on this river are between 6" - 10", thus this guy caught me by surprise. This rainbow was a legit 20". I am wondering, how long would it take to grow to this size, on this body of water?

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Lex Story

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I've seen 20" brookies but never rainbow that approached that size on the SF. Congrats and keep that spot under your hat. Now I'm all antsy to go and scout, heck that photo is giving me the Jimmy legs!!!
wow, that is a fine, beautiful specimen! well done there squaretail! big fish are a combo of food sources and genetics, that fish appears to be around 6 years old. as they get older they tend to start developing a rugged look with defined, hardened facial features. that fish doesnt really have that going on, it could be right out of the madison! what a fish!

o mykiss

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:beer2: hamana-hamana-hamana . . . . that is a nice fish anywhere but has to be close to a (if not the) modern day record on that river.
Very well could be a steelhead, as there is a private Hatchery on the south fork up one of the feeder creeks that raises them,and it couldve escaped .