5x8 enclosed trailer. like new.

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5 x 8 LOAD RUNNER, Single Axle Trailer; 2010 Model Year ; Sand Pad for Jack; 4 Wall ties, 4 Surface mount floor ties, Upgrade to 3/8" walls, Upgrade to Radial Tires, Interior mount and Spare, ATP Fenders; 14" X 14" Roof Vent opens and closes with a mesh cover to keep bugs out; 15" Silver Mod wheels. black exterior finish with diamond plate trim and wood finish interior. its light too i can pick it up by the tounge and push/ pull it around pretty easily. it also has a stabilizer jack in the back to keep the trailer from rocking if you like to camp in it.

this is a great trailer its very well built with a warranty and in very good condition. i bought this trailer in sept 09 and used it a hand full of times. i paid 2200+tax for it and im looking to get 1600.00 price reduced.
overall height is 84". door clearance height is 54". floor to ceiling height is 64". door width is 52". inside wall to wall is 58". i forgot to measure over all length and inside length but i fit a sofa and a love seat in it at the same time.


stewart dee

Haul all your stuff and set up a fold out cot for camp-out on the water. Looks like a killer rig.
thats exactly what we did stewart. we fit two cots in there side by side with room for gear and the rv vent kept condensation from building up on the walls and ceiling. the best part is no breaking down camp, you close the door put the lock on and drive away.
you are so gay keep it. it was so money! plus at $1600 you are losing a lot on it. we used it what 4-5 times? economy sucks, better just keep it!
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