NFR 6.9 earthquake!

We just had quite the rumbler here in Humboldt county, CA. That was by far the biggest quake I've felt. The wife was shaking for probably half an hour after the ground stopped.

How big was that one that hit Seattle ten or so years ago?

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I remember the quake we had in '49. I was living in Bremerton at the time. I was down on first street heading for the ferry docks to go fishing. First street looked like the waves on the ocean. I didn't know cement could do what it did.. The waves were about two feet high. Quite a site to see.
Everything is fine, no damage. I put quake straps on the dresser and entertainment center two weeks ago. Good timing!

I didn't see any waves, but I could feel a west to east rollj g motion. Crazy stuff


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I was living in Vallejo during the big quake of 1989. We went to Berkely the next day... the college kids were out protesting against the earthquake.

Kent Lufkin

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I just finished reading Jerry Thompson's utterly fascinating and scary as hell book 'Cascadia's Fault'. The title refers to the Cascadia Subduction Fault that runs about 75 miles offshore along the Pacific northwest coastline from above Vancouver Island south to Cape Mendocino. We're right on schedule for another one of the 9.0 or greater mega-quakes that have happened along the fault 36 times in the past 10,000 years.

One of the triggering scenarios for a full-length rupture is a 'spot' quake at one end of the fault or another (like off Eureka) that then 'ripples' up the entire length.

The last chapter talks about the likely catastrophic damage from Vancouver BC down to SF and Sacramento. Thompson doesn't pull his punches when he talks about our area being completely cut off from the rest of the world for months, thanks to bridges collapsing, airport runways buckling, utilities offline, etc.

Buy the book at or on iTunes. It's a terrific read.