6 am estuary launch tomorrow...

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
...if I don't go surfing instead. I'll try to get the surfing out of my system this evening at high tide, if the wind backs off and changes direction to a more favorable angle. Surf is sloppy with a SW wind on it now.
Tomorrow morning looks tempting, though. Fortunately or not, at my age, if I surf my brains out the evening before, i won't feel like surfing early the following morning, since I'm almost guaranteed to be sore and stiff, and slow to pop up to my feet on the take-off (like I feel this morning, after surfing last evening). I need to work the kinks out and loosen up, and otherwise revive, before the self-punishment begins again.. Paddling long hours for small fish is still possible, though, as that punishes other muscle groups.:confused:

Edit note (11:51 pm: Surf cleaned up a little. Warm water and good waves now trumping paddling long distances for small fish. Oh well!:D

(The following is now called off, since I will be surfing again. Will try again in a couple of weeks):

Any of your cutthroat angling forum members out there who love to paddle flat water, and think they can keep up with a 62.75 year old for 6 or 7 hours of paddling are welcome to join me. I guarantee that we might find some 5"ers!

According to the spot forecast for tomorrow, the wind should be tolerable for casting until noon or so, (when I'll already be trolling from the back of the estuary toward the launch) so I don't have to fight it so much when it jacks up a few notches after the tide switch (happening at 1 to 1:30 pm). Also, it can seem like a real treadmill if you have to paddle into the accelerating incoming tide and stiffening onshore wind.
That's 6 am in the water and paddling, at the latest, zooming back toward a tidal creek, fishing up into the tidal creek, and fishing back down and thru the estuary. Targeted return to the launch is 1 or 1:30 pm. If I can get out of my driveway at 5:15 am, I'll be at my put-in in a few minutes with a half-hour of prep time, including portaging my yak and gear a 100+ yards, get launched and be paddling at 6, and still be able to catch the incoming tide, which hits high at about 7:10 am.

If any other paddling cutthroat anglers from the board show up in time, this might be a chance to learn a little about the Elk estuary.

Bradley. You listening? Bring your camera!

Reply here, or pm me if you feel like paddling! This might be 12 miles, or maybe only 10 miles round trip (depending on the creek we head into). That's why we must plan for moving with the tide, and stick to the departure/return schedule.
I'm going to hang out in the shade and try to tie some flies today, and maybe go surfing for one hour this evening, into the sunset.

Sorry about the late notice, but these kind of plans usually gel into form at the last minute. It takes an hour to get here from Oly. 2.5 hours from Poulsbo. Figure 135 miles from B.I. or downtown Seattle. I would estimate that one might have to depart Seattle at 3 am in order to arrive at put-in by 5:30 in time to be paddling already by 6am. Fishing might not be that hot yet, but its one helluva great paddle!

Monday thru Wed, the forecast indicates that the wind is going to howl across the estuary, making paddling in to fly fish there a poor choice. Thursday might see lighter winds again in the morning, but the high tide is mid-day already by then, and that's getting a bit late. Its still early yet for returning searuns up in the tidal creek, but we might find some chromers while trolling streamers or baitfish pattterns down in the estuary.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Love to have you along, Ed. It may also be possible to cruise back in there in my 16' johnboat, if the tide isn't going to be dropping too low or too quickly. That involves launching from Westport, though.
Throwing my U-12 in at the bridge is actually easier for me, as long as I'm moving with the tide.

The fishing should be better in a month, anyway.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Cancel. Not estuary fishing tomorrow. Ocean surface temp off the beach is in the low 60's. It hit 64 today. Repeat. Not fishing Sunday morning.;) Instead, I will again be participating in a different kind of C&R.

Edited 1 pm on Sunday 6/30/13: I'm so glad I didn't try to paddle in the estuary. There was no cloud cover, and it was too bright and sunny. The wind came up sooner than was forecast, too. I prefer an overcast sky, a thick fog bank, or rain clouds with showers and only a few sun breaks. Bright sun all day from the early morning get-go is a trip-killer for me.