6 days in Idaho...What would you do?

We are leaving on the 27th, and staying thru the 2nd. My girlfreind & I are staying at the Best Western in Wallace, and are going to do the tourist thing. The trip is not all about fishing although we will hit the Joe via Moon pass at least once and also the CDA. I thought about Kelly creek on one day as well. Wallace is a great little town with tours of silver mines, and lots of colorful local activity. Little shops with local businesses deserve a little commerce as well.
I thought about spending a day in Cour D Alene too.
Would anyone have any advice on day trips in the area, or tips on good restaurants, or activities that could or may not be fishing related?
Just looking for a few days to decompress away from home.
I want to maximize our little vacation, and any pearls from you would be appreciated.

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Kelly Creek, nearby Cayuse Creek, and the NF Clearwater are outstanding trout streams, but they're not exactly on the way to somewhere else.

Spending a day on Kelly Creek will probably end up being a pretty short one unless you plan on camping at Kelly Forks. Just to get to Kelly Forks campground you've basically got two choices - drive the washboard dirt road up to HooDoo pass and across the Bitterroots from Superior MT or up the NF Clearwater from Pierce, ID. Whichever way you come, Kelly Creek is a couple hours from either town.

Since it sounds like fishing isn't the main purpose of your trip, I'd probably stick with water that's more easily accessible alongside paved highways between one destination and the next.
There used to be some "activities" to partake in behind the green door, red door and brown door on Main St. in Wallace, but I'm told the sheriff's done put 'em outa business. Besides, I assume your girlfriend wouldn't want to be your girlfriend anymore. :7
Yeah...Kelly might be pushin' it. I will stick to cda& the Joe for fish.
Are there any activities besides gamblin', and drinkin' spittin' & chewin' and smokin' out there?
Oh...I forgot Poachin'!
Golf at the public course or at the resort. Head up to Silverwood. Take a tour of a mine. Drive north to Sandpoint and cruise around town. Rent a boat and float the lake. Drive up to Silver Mountain or Schweitzer and have lunch...Lot's of stuff to do !
See if there are pram /row boat rentals. Go up to Hayden lake underneith the boat storage docks. Use big yellow/black buggers and you will pull in some trophy smallmouth.


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:) Hey Fish-Artist, It sounds as though we are from vastly different generations! In the lexicon of modern vacation-speak you will find words such as 'decompress' and 'maximize' but no use of those words to describe vacations existed a few years back. As near as I can decipher 'decompress' still means 'Get the Hell out of Dodge!" 'Maximize' is more problematic. Somehow it conjures up images of multi-tasking and parallel processing-words that are decidedly workplace oriented.
So no advice really but just suggestion. Do less instead of more and avoid the trap I see people fall into of filling up every minute of every vacation with activities. Arrive home rested and refreshed afterwards. You will need a clear head to plan your next 6 days off! Ive


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The Clark Fork or St. Regis out of St. Regis, MT might be something to consider. They are only 45 minutes up I-90 from Wallace. Both rivers are running low for this time of year and are fishing well. Bank access is excellent on both rivers. There is a fly shop in town where you can get the local scoop.