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    Nov 5, 2009
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    Ogden, Utah
    *JW Outfitters "Kingfisher" pontoon boat-5', only 11 lbs., aluminum frame, urethane bladders, comfy seat, apron, side pockets, great condition, $99

    *Scadden "Super-Lite"-This is the boat for walk-in fishing spots. River rated & great on lakes, 7' long, frameless, Only 8 pounds!, thermal-welded, bladderless, 3 air chambers, Haulky Roberts valves, side bags, apron. $275. One of only 25 ever made.

    *9' Scadden "Escalade" frameless pontoon boat. Class III river rated, only 18 pounds, 375 lb. capacity, side bags, apron, removable rowing system and oars, can be motorized. $375 w/oars, Used 3 times, $325 W/out oars.

    *6' Dabbie "Kickmaster" oversize float tube, Only 13 pounds, open front, oars, sit above water level, packs into briefcase sized bag, thermal welded/bladderless pontoons, 2 air chambers, great condition, $199

    *10' Scadden "World Navigator" w/rowing system, apron, cargo bag, boat bag, adjustable footrests, 600 lb capacity, 27 pounds, class IV rated, great condition. Best frameless pontoon boat made before the bladderless Outlaw series came out. $699 ($1399 retail new)

    Please call Larry at 801-645-5643 or e-mail [email protected] for more info.
Thread Status:
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