600 Compact Skagit-10wt Heads-Multi Tip Striper 9wt-New Mono Run Lines.

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    Sep 21, 2008
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    45th Parallel NW Michigan
    600 Compact Skagit; New no spool or box, neatly coiled & tied in zip-loc 30.00

    Two Tactical 30' Shooting Heads; 10wt. Intermediate and Floating, N.I.B. never off spools 40.00 for both.

    Airflo Striper Multi-Tip 9wt. Intermediate Body with 3 20' tips in Wallet. Tips are Intermediate, type 3 and type 7. This line was spooled with Intermediate tip and cast lightly on snow only. The sink tips have never been uncoiled. As new, in boxes 45.00

    New on spool Frog Hair Gamma 58lb [.024] and RIO 50lb Slick Shooter thats was spooled and carried as a spare on one trip, unfished, back on original spool. 14.00 for both.

    Paypal and 3.50 for USPS First Class with Delivery Confirmation. P.M. any interest or questions.. Thanks for looking.
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