Taking a Client Hunting


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Well, I've gotten myself into a pickle. Got into a discussion with a potential client about how much I hated golf and how hunting upland game was a better use of time. Well, he took me up on the offer. Problem is, I haven't hunted since I left Northern Nevada.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good guide for two guys? I was thinking about calling up Red's flyshop because I know they do Pheasant hunts, but if anyone else has some better ideas within a day trip striking distance of Seattle, I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks fellas.
They do release pheasant at Stillwater but it is a crazy place to hunt and down right dangerous at times. You would absolutely need a dog if hunting there.

Cooke Canyon in Ellensburg is an option. You pay for the number of birds you want to shoot and I believe they have dogs available.

An interesting place to hunt is along Crab Creek starting just east of Beverly. There are miles of public land along the creek. Pheasant and quail are the game but don't be surprised by Chuckar every now and then.

The Yakima Reservation can provide some good shooting. You need to by a tribal permit. There is a lot of land available and quail numbers can be really good some years as well as pheasant. You might want to call

the tribal offices for more info and quidance.

The Toppenish Wildlife area has some decent upland hunting. You will need to contact the regional WDFW office to get the particulars. I have had some very good quail shoots in there and a pheasant or three. There can be some darned good duck hunting in there at times too.

Investigate those areas and see what you think. A few phone calls will give you a lot of info.

A preseason trip to scout out Crab Creek, the Reservation and Toppenish is probably in order.
let me know how those pan out. There are a few other places in that general area that can be productive at times.



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Go to Cooke Canyon in E-burg. I have never hunted with Red's but my guess is that they get their birds from Cooke Canyon anyway. Doug can provide the total guide / dog deal and make it as laid back or as challenging as you want. It is released birds, and the shooting of birds and not hunting, but it is still being out in the field.

For wild birds contact Dry Hollow Ranch (Google them). They can do released or get you into wild birds - but be prepared to walk.


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Yup, Cooke Canyon. Nice place, nice folks. Chukars or pheasant, you pick. Cackle birds are showy and fun for a beginner. If they have a current litter, you could even go home with a new puppy.


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Wow - thanks for all the great recommendations folks. Looks like it's about the same as fishing around here - more options that I'll probably get through in 5 years ;)

I'm looking forward to it like none other.

As an aside, if you guys ever make a trip out to NV - drop me a line for some intel. Decent quail and dove seasons down there.

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I've hunted at Red's and it is some nice terrain to hunt with a great view of the Yakima River below you. I don't think Red's has any dogs for hunters, it is bring your own, so Cooke Canyon sounds like your place. If I still had my old dog I would offer to be your guide, but my new puppy is still too wild to be reliable yet! Rick


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thanks again for the recommendations guys. I just booked the day at Cooke Canyon. We're going to do a morning hunt, which means we should be out of there around noon.

Maybe I'll be able to sneak some time out on the river ;) Orrrrrr, hike up a spring creek to find some turkeys/quail!