Got my first turkey!.... Cooking suggestions?

I think the title says it all. I got a turkey in a relatively unexciting hunt this morning on the Tucannon (was heading to fish, but brought the shotgun in case I saw some).
I've breasted it out, taken the legs, and would love any preferred recipes or preparation hints from some of you more experienced out there.
And since its lame not to include any kind of story... I had gone up to fish the Tucannon, but hoped to find turkeys somewhere. On the way out there all the places I had in mind either had youth hunters out for pheasant, or turkey hunters there already. I'd gotten to the point of giving up on hunting today, and instead went up further to fish the river, when I saw a group of turkeys from the road on a feel free section. Hopped out, got ready, and followed them up the hill. I attempted to be stealthy, but it was a pretty poor attempt. Nevertheless, as I got up to a little flat on the hill I saw the group, within range, poking their heads up over the grass. Somehow, I managed to miss the first shot as I hurried it, worrying that they would flee. To my amazement, one of them actually flushed towards me after my shot, and landed within probably 20 yards. Needless to say I got that one, a young hen. View attachment 34655
Not a great picture, but I made due with a crummy camera with self timer.

Ed Call

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Congrats. Deep fried in peanut oil. Five minutes per pound to an internal temperature of 175 degrees, remove, allow to sit for ten minutes, carve and enjoy. When should I come over?

Injecting it with spices is nice, but not required.
If your turkey is like any other wild birds it will be tough.
Run the breasts through a swisser and make swiss steak or chicken fried steak.
For the legs and thighs, crock pot with veggies.

Lex Story

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Braising it will tenderize it and give it a great flavor. Just make sure that you have tight fitting lid. The best thing for tough meats and you don't need to babysit it.


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I smoked my turkey whole and ate the dark meat directly.

I cubed the white meat and added it to a wild rice pilaf, which came out really good. Even the North Idaho turkey nay-sayers ate it!


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Probably too late for another recipe.Hogwash wild turkeys are tough,just don't overcook it.I've killed over 30 turkeys and only had one bird that was unsavory.Next time,gut it,hang in a tree legs tied seperately.Remove tail,wings at elbow and pluck.Cut off neck at body and remove crop.Untie bird and remove feet at drumstick end.At home clean cavity etc.Take an oven bag,add two tablespoons of flour and shake,put bird in bag on top of celery stalks to elevate.Bake according to oven bag instructions,but be cautious and check with a meat thermometer.It WILL NOT be dry,melt in your mouth.Proper field care will always yield a great tasting bird.Good job,now leave the hens alone and get yourself a gobbler.Actually the one bird I ate which was not good was a hen,I think it had been impregnated(spring) and smelled funny right at gutting.Wild turkey is the best eating gamebird around imo.
Saw a group of about 50 while i was down on the Ronde the other day, i was thinking i needed to bring my 12 gauge next time i went down! Congrats on your first Turkey, and good eaten!