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Banning poor Ed is harsh Chris.... Poor guy's not fishing.....
He's probably sitting on a log somewhere sweating and going through the shakes like a heroin withdrawl after his inability to enter the site frustrated him to toss his SAT into the drink....


Sunday is just around the corner!


still an authority on nothing
so Ed can't even lurk?

I'm getting a vision of Aqualung, shabbily dressed and stinking of gin, stumbling in the dark somewhere near a tent camp, speaking aloud the things he'd rather be typing. And his wife, in a lawnchair, with a steely glare. Some vacation.

Sounds more like an episode of intervention...

"Ed, we're fighting for your life here and we're asking you to join that fight".

Rick Todd

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This thread is so good I'm checking it on my iPhone here in Winthrop while waiting for Trout
master and Scott Salzer to come over and fish with me! Thanks Jim for starting this! Rick

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Do you know that when you are banned or parked, you can still access this site. You can read all that is written but you can't do anything on the site. You are like a visitor.

This thread is five pages long and no Mumbles. Are you reading this ED.

Big E

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He's probably carrying around a notebook and writing down all his posts so that when he comes back he will Mumblation all over the site.

One thing is for sure upon his return.....



Not to be confused with freestoneangler
:rofl: LMAO! Hopefully he will have caught some fish so he'll be in a forgiving mood when he reads all this!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
My guess is that this forced cold turkey will cure him. He'll wake up to the fact that posting is not fishing, then he'll trash his computer, and from now on just get up early and head out with nary a peek nor a peep.
Whaddaya think? Or am I just dreaming?:rofl:

I have to go get a new reel.

Ed Call

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First, Mr. Scoones, well played sir. Right after you baited me with that PM you parked my ass, classic. I was relegated to the dirty lurker status, no offense of course to those who choose to lurk to have a one way relationship with this site and its members. Strike that, dirty lurkers step out of the darkness and into the community, if you dare.

This thread is sick, sad, full of half truth, very informative, clear, defining, mysterious, incomprehensible and way too damn long. Go fish. I did. Maybe I'll tell you about it. Maybe not.