what is it worth?

I have posted a tread trying to sell a used aire raft with an outcast fishing frame in great conidition. I was asking 4 grand or best offer with the trailer, however I did not get one reply. So I am asking for some help! What is this set up worth?

I aire trib 14 foot. 5 years old, with a flat bed trailer that has been modified with rollers and winch set up. boat has oars, life jackets, raised seating bars in front, three seats, the complete outcast fly fishing frame. It is set up perfectly for fly fishing or the frame can be modified for white water, if you wanted to insert the three twarts. please help, I need to sell the package and I have almost 5,500 into the deal, and I realize I will loose some money on the boat but I need to cut my loses and move on.

Ed Call

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I see brand new Aire Tributary 14' rafts selling (without frames) for just under $3,000. Adding a frame and trailer of course make the package more valuable. I recommend you search the classifieds to see what similar setups have sold for to best gauge your price and potential interest in the market. Additionally, consider checking out the NRSweb services tab where you can buy or sell used items. There are often rafts of this type for sale there and that can also provide you better used market sales information. Best of luck.

shawn k

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Your boat is worth 3 grand tops with a trailer. Nrs sells that boat as package with frame and everything for
$4350.00. Your boat is 5 yrs old and out of warranty. Sorry to be so harsh. Two years ago I sold a 2007 aire super duper puma with a fishcraft trailer for 4k.
My general rule of thumb when selling something (assuming its not a really unusual item) that is in excellent condition and of a reasonably recent issue... expect to get 60% of what a new ones sells for (mind you...what it sells for, not MSRP).

I find that one of the most useful features of eBay is the ability to check for what an item has actually sold for. You often find that what items are listed at for the "Buy It Now" price is way over what identical items actually sold for. Time for a reality check....

So, if I was selling a boat that was a couple of years old, in excellent condition and comparable to a current model that was currently selling (new and unused) day in and day out for $5,000...then I'd expect to net $3,000 for it.


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I've sold several rigs on this (and other) fishing boards. I usually get about 50% of what I paid for it, regardless of the age.