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it seems everytime I go to this site there is 10 more members. just curious who are some of you newer dudes? what type of fishing do you prefer, steelhead, saltwater, trout, bass/panfish. just wondering with all the members out there. Ben
I found out this summer that we have whitefish in Colorado. Caught about 15 one night this summer on the Elk River. They are scrappy. I heard they were good smoked. Anyone know how to prepare them?


You responded to my post, so you know a little of my history. I've been fishing since I was knee high to a grass hopper. Started trout fishing at about 12 in east Tennessee on the Tellico River and the Little Tennessee. Started fly fishing at about the same time throwing popping bugs at bluegills and the occasional bass on TVA lakes, mostly Watts Bar where we had a summer cabin. Fished for trout in the Bavarian Alps when I was stationed in Bad Toelz (south of Munich)using a fly rod, too. Didn't much know what I was doing. I got some help from a fly shop in town, but my German wasn't very good then and their English wasn't much better. I caught tons of grayling while trying to hook "regenbogen" using what I now know was a caddis imitation fished subsurface. I didn't realize how special catching grayling was at the time. When I lived in Washington, I mostly mooched for blackmouth off of Anderson Island in the South Sound - because someone showed me how to do it and I was successful at it. (Wish this BB had been up then). I fished for SRC's a couple of times near the Nisqually Delta without success. Did little trout fishing. Hit the Cowlitz a couple of times and caught some great fish, but again without the fly rod. I guess I mostly like to fish mountain streams and that means trout. But I had some great whitefish action this summer and they're fun. I'd go for them again. For the last couple of years I've been exclusively a fly fisherman. I spend about 80% of my time nymphing, but switch to drys when the opportunity presents itself. I have consistently caught more (and larger)fish on a fly than I ever was able to do throwing hardware. It helps to be in a great place and having a good fishing partner that shares the same interests (and occasionally the flies that he ties).



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hey there im new to the flyfishing world just made the change over from baitcasting to mass confusion,but with this site has made it alittle more clear.i have been fishing for for sea runs and doing well dry flys in the salt and small chum smolt flys thanks for all the good advice :THUMBSUP


Hi Ben. I'm not a new member,I've been around for a little while. I had a chance to meet some of these fellows last year but I came up sick. I fish mostly for the trout family. Don't care to fish out in the salt. But I would like to try. I like moving water as to lakes. I got a pontoon boat but have as of yet to try it out. I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit as these old bones need a little bit of warmth to get moving. Jim S.
Since I see we both post messages back and forth on many of the same boards a little about the types of fishing I do. I love to fish for all types but mostly fish fresh water. This includes lakes both low lands and up in the Alpine area. I fish for trout, bass, pan fish using a kayak. I also fish rivers for a change of pace. The end of this last summer I picked up a 15 ft with cabin and plan to try for salmon and maybe some src. I release 99% or more of the fish I catch, but I do keep some to eat mostly when up backpacking. I started fishing with my father when I was about 5 years old and took up fly fishing a few years ago to put some challange back into it. Plus fly fishing adds to the peace of being on the water. I fish all year long but catch few fish in the winter but I enjoy the views. In the spring, summer and fall I fish almost every weekend some where. This summer I am already planning to fish Cold Water and Merril as long weekend trips, using the new boat fish the Sound for salmon late July into August and maybe a trip back to Idaho in September for some of the large Rainbows I hooked into last year. I am a strong beleiver in protecting the earth and I feel fishing brings me into touch with nature.


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Hey man, if it swims I fish for it! All except whitefish of course, almost anyone that fishes specifically for whitefish is just using it as an excuse for catching something out of season or on closed waters. Thats lame they should fish a U_Fish pond or something. Anyway there are a lot of great lakes and rivers in WA, if you're willing to do some hiking. Me I really like Trout and Bass fishing, semms to be the most productive year-round. How 'bout you?
I fish for trout mostly in Montana on the Bitterroot, Rock Creek & Clark Fork. This past summer I fished the Yellowstone and the Big Horn. I fish the Yakima Lower Canyon above Roza Dam but below Ellensburg at least twice a month since I live in the Tri-Cities. Nunnelley and Lenice lakes three or four times a year, as well. At least once a year in Boise on the South Fork. Whenever the WDF&W will allow it, I fish for steelhead on the Columbia (Hanford Reach). I like to get down to the Wallowa river in late June or early July also. I never fished on the westside (wetside) but I'm moving just north of Bellingham so I'll have to get familiar with the rivers over there, though I'll never give up on Montana.