Weyerhauser Tree Farm

Any definite word on whether the Weyerhauser property north of Snoqualimie is going to be open in 2002? I've heard rumors of both open and closed versions. Hopefully, the new owners will continue to offer access. Any update would be appreciated. :CONFUSED :DUNNO

Chris Scoones

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Here are a couple links for you:

[link:www.weyerhaeuser.com/popups/_frameset.asp?bodyFrame=/popups/pressReleases.asp?id=307|Weyerhaeuser: Forest Conservation Company to Buy Weyerhaeuser Land]

[link:www.evergreenforesttrust.org|Evergreen Forest Trust (EFT)]

I've heard rumors both ways as well so I contacted EFT today in an attempt to get the skinny. The person I spoke with wanted to relay on that they hoped to have it available to the public but it wasn't a decision that was on the table yet. It's going to take some time before the ownership is transitioned as they just finished up the terms of purchase. The rest of the process will take some time and following that the public access question will be ironed out.

I'll update this thread when I receive more information from them.


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Things are not looking good for the status of us being able to enter the Weyerhauser lands for fishing.

Just a few weeks ago, I tried to visit King Lake outside of duvall, via the King Lake road, and the gate was not only locked, but the road was barracaded with some very big rocks. I have also noted that the road into Fontel has been closed. I am hoping that it will open soon, as that might indicate that the Weyerhauser lands may be opening normally.

I have also heard from Swede's fly Shop that they never got the 02' Spur 10 passes that they have sold in previous years, and have head nothing from the Big W regarding this.

I am trying to remain hopeful, but things are not looking good from this vantage point. I love to fish the Cascade foothills lakes.



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Hey Tight Loops,
What do you mean when you say "closed?" Do you mean the first gate is closed or that the area is closed? The road into Fontal is always closed to public driving, even though the front gate is nearly always open. It's open to bike and foot traffic (maybe horses too, I forget) only. We definitely do not want people driving past private gates that only allow foot traffic just because they're open. I'm not saying you did this Tight Loops, just brought the idea to mind. :BIGSMILE
The other thing: Check your Snoqualmie Tree Farm map. It clearly shows that the King, Hannan and Fontal lake area is not part of the Snoqualmie Tree Farm. Also, it is owned by a different private timber company. White-something or other. I forget the company name, but it's on the signs.
Just an FYI. I'm not getting on anyone, just want to make sure we all know who owns what and where/how we can go legally.
I only know this because I also love the cascade lowland lakes and have fished both on and off the tree farm for many years. Maybe I'll see you out there Rob.
Take it easy and tight lines (and loops),

Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Actually the gate was wide open this time last year, and for a bit last fall. And I mean the inside gate, not the one on Lake Fontal road, shortly after you leave the pavement. That gate opens and closes based on the needs of the Lake Hannan property.

As to the forest map, I don't have one. I just have learned my way around by trial and error.

Hey, Anyone fish Fontal lately?
I have very fond memories of Fontal.
Last time I was there I caught cutts,brookies & Rainbow.
I had it all to myself.
Yes indeed..could use a Fontal Lobotomy
I was going to hike into Fontal about a month ago. Just a nice morning walk to give the dog some much needed time in the out of doors. We stopped at the second gate because it was posted "no trespassing". I'm guessing that they may be doing some logging and don't want pesky fisherpeople walking around. Does anybody know what the story is? :CONFUSED