Hunting Regs


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Last night I spoke with a non-hunting friend of mine who informed me that last Saturday while he was sipping his coffee he found himself in downtown Baghdad! Within 30 seconds he counted 21 reports...opened up his back door and saw 3-4 duck hunters 100' from his house! They were up against his pond which lies on the property line, however, the hunters where on the neighbors property (open field).

I can only find that you can't hunt within the maintained area of a road way. Nothing about proximity (I'm guessing that is a common sense gray area not addressed).

Needless to say he asked them to leave, however, they showed up twice more! He doesn't mind them hunting, but 100' from his house is a little unnerving. I told him to call the sheriffs dept. Beyond this is there anything he can do?

What sucks is that I was going to ask if I could hunt further back in the middle of his he is less likely to say yes cause of these jokers!


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I'd talk to the neighbor first and explain the situation. Neighbor should take care of it if they dont, just call the police if it happens again.
If he honestly doesnt mind them hunting, ask them to call next time they are going so he is aware.