WDFW seeks nominations for steelhead/cutthroat advisory group


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From the latest CCA newsletter:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091
October 12, 2010
Contact: Bob Leland, (360) 902-2817

WDFW seeks nominations for steelhead/cutthroat advisory group

OLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is seeking
nominations through Dec. 1 for membership on the Steelhead/Cutthroat Policy Advisory
Up to 20 qualified individuals will be chosen to serve on the advisory group for 2011
and 2012. Those selected will provide guidance to WDFW on statewide issues related to
management of steelhead and cutthroat. They also serve as an important communication
link between WDFW and its constituents.
Advisors should have a broad interest in steelhead and/or cutthroat management and the
ability to communicate effectively with large segments of the public.*
The advisory group meets approximately four times each year, and advisors are asked to
comment on written material throughout the year. Advisors serve for a term of two years
and can be reappointed. Appointments become effective January 2011. Current
members are encouraged to reapply.*
Advisors do not receive direct compensation for their work.
Any group or individual can submit a nomination, and self-nominations are also
accepted. Nominees do not need to be affiliated with an organized group. Nominations
must include the following information:
• The nominee's name, address and telephone number.
• The nominee's affiliations, if any.
• The name, address and telephone number of any organization submitting a nomination.
• Experience, including the type of experience, and any species or areas of
interest, as well as references.*
Nominations must be received by Dec. 1. Nominations may be submitted to Bob Leland,
WDFW steelhead program manager, by mail: 600 Capitol Way N., Olympia, WA, 98501;
or email at [email protected] . More information is available by contacting
Leland, at (360) 902-2817.
Every single one of us should apply.

http://www.votervoice.net/Files/CCAPNW/Attachments/Steelhead-cutthroat advisory.pdf

I will submitting my name as a nominee for the Steelhead/Cutthroat Policy Advisory Group. I will be sending information requested by WDFW about me by Nov. 15. I will be contacting a list of creditible individuals to support my nomination with letters of recommendations. If you or anyone else have any other ideas/thoughts on how to increase my chances of getting picked send me a PM or post it here.


Ed Call

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I applied after I got home from work today. I bring nothing real to the table but some humble typing skills and some time. I hope that the talents of those that apply make it easy for them to tell me no, that would be fantasic for the advisory group I would think. Roger, if I were a credible individual I'd support you 100% for your ongoing dedication to learning and protecting the local resources.

David Loy

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Ditto. I think you both would be fine nominations. Mumbles, I don't imagine it's crucial that you bring some scientific credits to the table, as Roger and others here might. More likely it seems that a level head and the willingness to parse concepts out, in layman's terms hopefully, would be a significant and equal value.
Thanks for volunteering. If either of you need votes, just say so.