Local Bamboo Rod Makers?


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Since I'm trying to get in to making bamboo rods I thought it would be nice to see who else in our community is crafting their own.
Let's hear from the local bamboo rod makers!!!!!!!:thumb:


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I've been making bamboo rods for about 10 years now. It started out when I was living in Colorado after "building" my first graphite rod. 10 years later I'm still going strong. I have two rods that I am just finishing the final planing on tonight as a matter of fact, PHY Perfectionist and a PHY Driggs River. I prefer the parabolic action of Young rods and decided it was finally time to add these two tapers to my collection.


Greg Armstrong

Great to see the photos of the class you took, and great to see the tradition continuing on into the future. It almost died out when fiberglass came on the scene in the '50's.
Thanks for sharing the pic's.


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I made a couple cane rods in Dawn Holbrook's class in the early 1970s. Since then I've rolled a couple from old source bamboo blanks, but that doesn't really count since it's no more time consuming than building a rod from a plastic blank. Every now and then I think about doing it again, but always seem to have other irons in the fire.

I think taking a class is the best way to learn rodmaking. Back in 2000, I went to Grayling, MI to take Wayne Cattanach's class. Wayne provided all the tools and materials, and under his watchful eye, four of us made our first blanks (in my case a 7-1/2' 2/2 Paul Young Perfectionist that I still use today). I left Grayling with a blank that was much better than anything I could have done on my own, understanding of the level of detail workmanship required, and most importantly I knew that this was something I enjoyed!

Even if you decide that rodmaking isn't your thing, it's a fun experience.


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I decided to give bamboo rod making a go about three years ago. I made my forms, tooling to make them, a beveller and a Garrison style binder which slowed the process considerably. However I did get a understanding of how everything all fits together in the process. I made the first rod without the benifit of a class, surprisingly the rod turned out real nice. Since then I have completed 6 more rods of different tapers and just yesterday ran #8 through the glue up and binding process, a Dickerson 7613 two piece two tip rod for a friend. During the time I have been making my rods I have also started making my own ferrules and reel seat hardware. Last year I started to spend a bit more time on the hobby and this coming year I hope to make about another six rods of various tapers. If you have a chance, every year in July there is a gathering in Oregon at Camp Sherman (Metolouis Bamboo rod makers gathering)of bamboo rod makers. I've made it there the last two years and it was way too much fun. Lots of makers to get opinions and help from and more rods to test cast than you could believe.



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It's great to see some rod makers out there in our own back yard. I'm keeping a list of names by the way. :thumb:
I'm getting this idea of a "beer, bamboo and B.S." get-together.......:beer1:

I just stumbled onto this part of the forum, pretty exciting. I have been building bamboo rods for about 12 years now, mostly for family and friends. If you spot one on the river and it says "Curlew Cane" on it then it is one of mine.
The idea of a "Beer, Bamboo, and BS" sounds great, count me in.
Anybody thinking about starting out I would suggest finding a class somewhere. I learned the hard way, from books, video, and the internet. And lots of trial and error. Also from a very patient friend that took a class from Darrel Whitehead, a true master.
I know there are some premier rodmakers in the northwest and am excited to hear input from them here.


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It's great to see some rod makers out there in our own back yard. I'm keeping a list of names by the way. :thumb:
I'm getting this idea of a "beer, bamboo and B.S." get-together.......:beer1:

Put me on the list please! I don't have the room to have all the tools to build a boo blank, but would love to check out some of the setups that you guys have!

I too have thought of taking a class, and remember about reading about a guy in Georgia that you spend a week with and build a rod from the raw cane, wrap and finish it and then fish it with him and the other students. Don't know if someone offers a class like that up here, so I'll have to find out.

Btw, there is a cane rod builder named Skip ____ in Bellevue somewhere. Guess he's pretty well known, but I can't remember his last name. Anyone?


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I am unaware of classes in the Seattle area but there may be some opportunities out there. The closest one I know about is at Bellinger.
I talked to Daryll last summer and at that time he was still teaching the class.


There may be as many as a dozen makers scattered throughout the US and Canada that offer classes.



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In my quest to start making rods I've been tooling up. I've purchased a lot of stuff in the last couple of weeks and my list is finally getting smaller.
Over the weekend I built a sharpening station and registration block for my plane irons so I decided to give it a whirl. It didn't take long before I'd sliced open the tip of my finger!bawling: I applied a bandaid and kept at it. Suffice it to say that my left arm is now almost hairless as I demonstrated the sharpness of the finished iron to every member of my family (who were not nearly as impressed as I was)! Life is good..........:beer1: