(NFR) Ditching the old Girlfriend. Picked up a new one.


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Babs! You are killing me!! So that is what you were doing over there in the dark that night!? I should have known. Don't worry, she doesn't mind spreading the love. (obviously!)

I can tell you right now thay you'll be better off ditching those oversize shackles. I bet it handles pretty bad. If you have any cruiser questions give me a holler. I know em inside out and backwards.

Chris Scoones

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Gotta agree Mac. I had oversized springs on my FJ and they only served to take any articulation out of the suspension and with the racing seats search to jar my back. I didn't return to the stockers but spent a lot on some custom springs that were in fact great, but I'm still unsure if the stockers wouldn't have been just as good. mile2885, have you ever tried the Old Man Emu springs?




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Me? 162,000- stock baby! FJ62 tho- the wagon. The sixer ain't much to write home for, but she is gold for 20mpg highway easy riding (compared to the FJ60 steering contest hwy ride). Never had a problem going anywhere I wanted to go, with room for mega gear and 3 friends. Keep it stock and rock! :)
I have heard great things about OME spring but never tried them. I had the 4" skyjacker springs with extended shackles. Extend shackles are ok in the rear but have no business in the front. The best money I spent on her was the shackle reversal kit and dropped pitman arm. They are tough rigs...except for the stock transfer case but that’s another story. Still kick myself for selling it.:beathead I have been thinking about buying another cruiser...I mean project but don't have the space to work on it right now.