Ixtapa, Pacific Mexico. Rooster fever with no medicine.

We returned from Pacific Mexico just in time for the snow. Fishing was great even though it wasn't what we hoped for. Now were hungry for more. This was our second trip to the area in 18 months. Last time my wife landed a world record Rooster. Noone we talked to could figure out where the Roosters were this time. One theory was that they were feeding on squid down deep. not usual Rooster behaviour but if there is an abundance of squid (and there was) it's definately possible. Whatever the reason, they definately weren't there in any numbers. We made the common mistake of being narrow minded. We were determined to target one type of fish with one method. If we went with the intention of catching any type of fish we would have done better. If we had a light spinning rod on board we would have cleaned up on dorado(they were pretty fussy when it came to flies). Anyhow, time for Steelhead................

The only Rooster of the trip.

Ed Call

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Mind blowing colors on those fish that you did find. Sorry the trip was not what you had hoped, thank you for sharing it with us.