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Well Ray, when it comes to fishing, they are all a bunch of liars, 'cept me and you... come to think of it I'm not so sure about you. :)

Ah well. Some diversion from cabin fever. Actually I was on the river just 24 hours ago (hooked 14 steelhead ;)
So, those who have years of experience assume that Clay is lying because he claims to catch more fish? That is the evidence? Personally,I would assume that he was a better fisherman than me. It would simply confirm that I should keep my day job and never become a guide.If I were a guide, I would welcome his posts. He might help get my clients into more fish.

This is not life and death stuff here! You might call my approach naive but I believe it is at least more civil than attacking Clay. If I am wrong, I'll get over it.
But, what if the you are wrong?

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
No, I'm the only non-liar on this board, LOL!
This thread has turned out to be one helluva....
"Goat-Ropers' Rodeo!"

Goat-roper: someone who likes to get someone else's goat.

I've been doing a little investigating and have found no evidence of UFOs or of SS. In other words all my conections in SW WA are clueless and surely such a name would be mentioned in every saloon and public rest room
that side of Vancouver.

It is time for the re-awakening of team rugged to go down south and investigate this guy. Bet he don't exist as he says he exists.

GI Joes, come on guys, who buys fly gear at GI Joes?

Sinktip can smell a phony two hundred miles away. You newbies and want to be's need to just go fishing and learn what SS must have learned on his own. Stop with the how to books and learn on your own.
I personally was very entertained like most people with this thread and yet my conscience also tells me that entertainment at someone else's expense is rather shallow. I also believe that if you have the balls to call someone a liar, you had better have the balls to ask him to go fishing with him sometime. Just because you've never heard of someone catching that many fish before does not mean it doesn't happen. Hell, just 400 years ago everyone thought the world was flat. I think lambasting someone because you don't believe his claims is pretty childish in the first place. If you have proof, bring it out, otherwise shut the hell up.


Man I can't believe I am going to drag myself into this stoopid argument. This guy lives bout 10 miles from my house and I have already talked to the guy couple of times. I dont' know what he says is true or not. but am going to try to hook up him and go fishing within the next couple of weeks. so if I report back what happens will everybody shutup til then? or am I wasting my time?
:dunno :reallymad


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GI Joe's?

There are alot of people who do buy gear at GI Joes, especially those that are transitioning from spin to fly gear. That statement on who would want to buy gear from GI Joe's just reinforces the elitist image of fly fishing, and I see that statement as more reflective of the tendency to place undue emphasis on the quality of the gear.

Those calling Clay a phony without being able to provide countervailing evidence are definitely in glass houses, especially if they haven't fished SW Washington extensively to judge the validity of his numbers.

As I said earlier, the catch rates for many of the well known rivers up here just reflect the depressed quality of the fisheries, not necessary poor quality of the fishing techniques. If one decides to concentrate their fishing on the same low producing rivers, year after year, then that person just won't be in a good position to judge another's results somewhere else as it would be comparing apples and oranges. Hope this doesn't offend anybody, but if you aren't catching steelhead with the regularity to beat down the bitterness/resentment that we see in many of these posts, then I would encourage you to drive farther or explore more. Otherwise you might as well live in Vegas and achieve roughly the same catch rate.
That's the most intelligent idea in this whole forum. Go for it and silence us all.


"10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish." Happy fishing!


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Doesn't add much to board unity by calling someone a phony, other's newbies, want to be's and slammin anybody who goes to GI Joes. :smokin

Old Man

Just an Old Man

Hey unknwon somebody or what. Why are you flaming me. I have done nothing to you but show and tell you about the "member when" status. You have never met me and I don't think that I should have that type of stuff pointed at me.I think that it's time for the boss to step up and lock this baby up before some people get out of hand.

(NFR) Facts--Settle this once... and for all...

Steve finally has said the magic word.:rofl :rofl
Heck, anybody who is all out annoyed, perplexed, bored, angry, jealous, or curious about Sharp Steelie's techniques/actions should find out when the next time he's out on the river, all drive down at the same time (bring a lunch :+ ) and watch him fish. Or even better, fish with him. It's as simple as that......
Heck, isn't that what we do anyway, get together to fish?? !!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:beathead :beathead :beathead :beathead :beathead
GI Joe's?

Chris C,
I think you are right, SS must have just transitioned from spin gear to fly fishing gear and recently. After all he fished with nymph on a perfect dead drift and that is really spin fishing anyway. Besides from the pics he mis handles his fish. The point here is this guy is not what he says he is.

And what is wrong with elitist? You act like it is a bad word.


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GI Joe's?

I see elitism bad only in the sense that it intimidates/shuts people out of this great sport. I run into plenty of gear guys who would like to try fly fishing but appear to put off by what they see in most fly shops or by the amount of skill that's required.

On my other post, I'll have to say in good humor, "what board unity"?
>And I would have to say, we could use some less acerbic people like you with comments like that <

Would that include the usual gaggle of regulars that you find kindred spirit with in that acerbic department?
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