Posting location specific reports on the interwebs: A collective discussion

Paul Huffman

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Yeah? Well when I followed up on a WFF Crab Ck report all I caught was a half dozen rattlesnakes, one nearly up to six feet long! If I'd been a fishin' for snakes, I'da' been happy, but I wasn't, so I wasn't. And I dang near got snake bit several times. In hindsight, I been thinkin' it maybe was one of them decoy fishing reports, intended to keep me off the really productive water. Now I'm thinkin' them internet fishing reports maybe aren't all what they're cracked up to be!

And the ticks, it's crawling with ticks on the east side. And scorpions:

Methheads and car prowlers wherever you go. And apparently everyone is packing bigger guns. Everyone should just stay home, warm and comfy, and play fly fishing on the PC.


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I read the fishing reports posted up, just like I used to read the Fishing and Hunting News. There is one thing I've figured out about fishing though - if you are reading or listening to a fishing report, whether it be from the internet, your local fly shop, or your uncle Billy, you are already at least a day late and going there this weekend is no guarantee of any success. Migratory fish migrate, and if you want to catch them, you need to do a little migratin' yourself...chasing day-old fishing reports is a fools errand.


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Seriously? Why the hell would you assume I know where you fish? Because you live in Sedro Woolley? I won't say you're dumb, but possibly deluded about how much people pay attention to you, Kerry.
Let me tell you how it works. I have been posting on this board for almost 10 years. Over 3 thousand mostly dumb ass posts but a few with some good information about fishing the Skagit It would not be a difficult task for anyone to figure out where I was fishing even if they don't follow my every word by looking at my profile and doing a simple search on my posts.

My story about the bar went completely over your head. That bar is gone. Washed completely away in the '03 flood. I could tell you the exact rock I was standing on and you could never find it. Since then there has not been another location on the Skagit that comes close to producing steelhead like that one did. If I were to post up a report about catching 20 bulls just below Hamilton yesterday, which I have done before, chances are no one will show up and if they did there is a good chance they would not catch anything because those fish move. So if the river changed its level by more than a few inches the entire run those fish were using will be different and different enough that they may move to an entirely different location on the river. The river is dynamic and the fish in it move as the conditions change. Runs that were fantastic last week hold nothing this week and next year may not even be around. If I could figure out everything that cause fish to hold at any given location and at any certain time and post that up. That would be the shitz.

My problem with all this net nanny crap is that most of what is posted nobody acts on and if they do they are using old info. Besides I doubt all these secret spots are ruined by posting on the internet. Some have some anecdotal information their spots were destroyed by net reports but mostly this is just hearsay. Nobody has any real proof the internet has ruined their fishing spots.

What has done more to harm fishing spots around here is the increased in population of the Georgia Basin. More people, more fishermen, crowded locations.
My problem with all this net nanny crap is that most of what is posted nobody acts on and if they do they are using old info. Besides I doubt all these secret spots are ruined by posting on the internet. Some have some anecdotal information their spots were destroyed by net reports but mostly this is just hearsay. Nobody has any real proof the internet has ruined their fishing spots.
With the combination of press, internet, and guide pressure; a good case could be made for the Klickitat.
While there may not be any true "secret" spots anymore, there is a huge difference between quality fishing that is shared by a select few, and a fishery that gets talked about by every website, guide, magazine and shop in the state. Often times both can be found in the same river system, which is why its ridiculous to justify pimping out a popular river just because everyone already knows about it. Many fishermen only understand a small percentage of what a river system has to offer.
This time it took about a half hour to land the largest steelhead I ever caught. A monster 43 inch buck.

You can do with this as you will.
Hey Kerry, let me first say I am not doubting you by asking this, but can we see a pic? I just want to see a Skagit fish of that size and day dream about them swimming in that massive river.
The fun part is you can tell someone a secret, or share a technique, and then they put their twist to it and it does not work the same. It has never bothered me to tell someone information about places to go or how to do something as I know they will put their own twist on it. I can tell you specific runs to go to yet you will probably not catch anything because you haven't found the truth about the place.

Fishermen are funny, they think they have the inside scoop and then someone comes along and sticks it to them. I have seen it too many times to be worried about it. There really is no secret place anymore. I wish there were, but it has all been traveled and tested. There are some small streams in Washington that still have a run of Steelhead, perhaps there are a few people who know about them. Each thinks they have a secret. Yet there is still someone else out there who knows about it, also.

The main thing is go out, have fun and don't worry about the small stuff..........


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If I put in a bunch of time learning an area that is off the beaten path, then you won't read about it on the web. Gas, grass, or ass. Nobody rides for free.

I will share info about more well-known places.

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I got chitt for only posting
Westside C & R Lake Report,

which lake, where is it, what an a-hole for not
naming-giving directions-holding my hand. I don't
even post the good stuff, like most of you.



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I'm in favor of a judicious tales of great days (and crappy days) of fishing. I really don't care if some folks are upset about my reports. I will state which body of water I fished, what bugs I saw emerging, and what flies worked (and which didn't). I don't do this for every body of water (some aren't that interesting), nor are my reports always real-time (I'm a busy guy...). I am more likely to post if the location is catch-and-release or if the fish are primarily stocked (or brookies), like the east side lakes or the Yakima or Pass Lake. There are some trips that I wouldn't report because of possible crowding issues. And I wonder if the core of this controversy, i.e., why now, relates to the fact that much of the water is closed or unfishable right now. And when fishing for steelhead in rivers, there are only so many runs that are amenable to flyfishers and those runs only hold a fish or two (at best). Steelhead seem to bring out incredibly possessive personalities.

I view this site as a opportunity to share vicariously in the fishing adventures of others, especially when I can't. If you haven't been enthralled by the Kamchatka chronicles that Bozo has been posting in the Trips Reports forum, you should just burn your fishing gear. [Somewhere there is a Siberian complaining that Bozo just ratted out his own river.] In turn, I am willing to share, within limits, to help others have a more positive experience on the water.

Let me throw this out for your consideration. In anticipation of further state budget cuts, including to WA Fish and Wildlife, might it be better to have more friends (and influence) rather than less? Which of the fisheries that we enjoy would disappear entirely or become degraded if there was not some hatchery supplementation?