Winter Steelhead Time

Today I went out for my first day of the season chasing winter steelhead. Fished a local river which is known to put out a few fish. I got into the river about 3:00 this afternoon and decidecd to fish one of my favorite runs. I was using a Scandi head with a type III poly leader. I was swinging a #4 white bunny. I didn't feel like spooling up my Skagit or breaking out my T-tips yet.

I fished through 70% of the run with one bump towards the top. I get to the sweet part of the run and I get a pluck and head shake. I figured it was a dolly and make the same cast again, and again, I get a pluck. I missed the fish and made the same cast again, this time I hold a loop and drop it when the fish hits. I feel the line go taught and sweep towards the bank. This time I stick the fish. Initially I thought, big dolly. I got a quick zip-zip off my reel and then it comes off and clears the water-- a nice 10-12 lb steelhead. An explitive may have left my mouth at this point. I was super suprised to hook a steelhead today, I really just wanted to get out on the water with steelhead in mind. Fog rolled in and the sun went down and I bushwhacked my way back to my car in the dark. The End.

Thought I'd share.
Congrats! I like your report. It is always fascinating when the finneous ellufious so beautifully validates the effort, patience, perserverance, skill and tactics - well done. I think I'll join the chase tonight...
This last bit of water has started the push it seems. The Snohomish systerm and Puyalup system are showing winter fish. Really surprising some early winter nates are showing up!