Flies for stillwater

Ed Call

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Most of the chironomid shucks I've encountered on stillwaters are probably in the size 14-18 range. Not saying smaller ones are not out there, and I do fish some that I buy, not tie, that are smaller. I agree with Mr. Rogers, I'm not tying any that dang small.


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ok, so: Wolly buggers, nymphs, leeches, damsels, carey buggers (soft hackles in general), hares ear, seal buggers, olive willy, six pack, pheasent tail, prince nymph, richards stillwater nymph, dragonfly nymph, pats stonefly, march brown, royal coachman, adams, chironomids.


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I had a guy tie me up a fly on a size 32 hook it looked like a piece of lint. I kept it is a little plastic tube. But the fly disappeared on me.. Now that is small.

Fishing Chironomid's is like watching paint dry or grass grow. It is something I don't do.
I like fishing chronnies, I fish them mostly in size 18, I tye one that is red with gold rib and a white tungsten bead that I paint myself. Also in black with gold rib. same size. There arew to many paterns out there to name, I recomend buying a book or doing research on the area and the lakes where you are going to fish. Eastern wa lakes I fish different flies than I do the wet sidem But the same can be said for different parts of ea wa also. Instead of asking do some reading and searching , there is more info out there to find than just this site.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I would like to say that I'm a farily accomplished chironomider and I rarely fish anything smaller than a size 14. But that's me, maybe I have other aspects of my game dialed in.

I read long ago, that most flies will be larger than real life. I tie mostly in the 12 to 18 range, but more to the 12 - 14 sizes for still water. I like the soft hackles but that is just me. I do not fish chronnies but I may try them next summer. I am also a warm weather fisher. For leaches I will go to size 10.