Three Amigos and the OP

Ed Call

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Hearing my desperate need for a fly fishing intervention this guy took an early Friday ferry ride from Edmonds heading west. I picked him up at the terminal. His boat was ten minutes early so he was chilled upon my arrival.

We headed down the 104 in a westerly direction. 20 minutes after picking up that guy, this guy called on the phone: "My alarm just went off, I'm not going to make it to the meeting place on time" (The meeting place is 90 minutes from his house and 10 minutes in front of us). "I'm joking, see you guys there in a few minutes. He pulled in right after us.

We went to this green tinted gem of a squiggly blue line. Water was high, visibility was not much, mud was deep. We swung flies regardless. Two of the guys actually caught fish (trout of 10" and 12" respectively). The latter even had a grab at the second location we fished. Tug…tugged back…nobody was home.

The one trout liked it when I was using:

Could not get any love on this:

This guy caught none. He was under the weather but his casting was in top form.

We later called an author and fine gentleman who is well known on the OP but were unable to connect with him because he had some important pressing business. Next time for sure sir. Jason called his friend who joined us after we had a bite to eat. Our lack of knowledge of the general area probably shocked him and made him laugh out loud as he left. Thanks for setting us straight Mike, Jason was the one with the maps in the back seat, but he was too busy messing with my phone and running my battery down to properly orient us to the area.

There was a fashion show:

Then we crashed here at the Hungry Bear. The room was nice. Jeff got one bed. Jason the other. I had my two thermarest pads and sleeping bag. I think we all slept pretty well, likely aided by the conversation late into the evening and the various beverages (sessions black, yukon jack, glenlivet and and evan williams) enjoyed by those in attendance. Jeff, having slipped and banged his knee HARD, like heard it up and down the river valley HARD, really needed to get some rest.

We had a lot of gear. OrangeRadish had three rods. Jeff had three rods. I had two rods but they kept calling me a gear whore all weekend. In total there were actually ten rods because I brought two single handers to hand over to O-Rad. He'll pass them along to Jim Riggins for the boys gear. Use them well lads!

What is a trip with this cast of characters without a make shift bar?

Saturday was cold and snowy early, turned to rain, then the wind blew and blew and blew. This guy could not fish. A true friend and champ though, he was content sitting in the rig reading The Color of Winter – Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula by Doug Rose. Cool option if you can’t fish!

Because his knee was trashed because of this.

Which OrangeRadish took care of properly

We entered a run above three other spey casters. The rain was falling pretty hard. The wind was blowing pretty hard. The water was a bit more clear than the day before. After about two hours we decided that we had had enough training in miserable conditions for an early winter season outing. We’ll be back for more later. No fish today. Back on the road heading for OrangeRadish’s rig. Steady rain all the way, some snow along the road, slush on the pavement. Winter is here! Winter is here! Winter is here! Hope Jeff is fine. Hope Jason’s trip home solo was not too long. Hope we can meet up again soon and improve upon this nice seasonal starter.
[email protected]#ken rock. knees swelled up to the size of a grapefruit now. Don't really feel it though, do to some very good meds. I had a great time. Luckily I didn't have that run in with the rock tell we were on our way out, after a really great day of steelhead practice casting. Finally figured out why my ribs hurt so much today. It was from laughing so hard last night. Jason, thanks for having my back and handling that infamous rock for me.

We'll get them next time boys.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
OWWWWeeeeee, Oweee, Owee, last time I hurt myself I couldn't even manage a grin, let alone laughin' so hard that my ribs hurt, even the on next day.
Oh & Jeff, I hope your knee gets better, because it's always better to have your knee in the water than to have water on the knee, LOL
Another one-liner is, Yeah, I've heard that pounding that Yukon Jack can put one in stitches, .....again, LOL Really though I hope you get better soon.


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Nicely done boys. Jeff must not have the "rock star bus" dewinterized. Looks like you had an epic early trip. Jas, work on the runway look and I didn't see the stanley flask in the bar pic. Jeff, hope your knee heals soon. Ed, well you continue to be you..nice pics and narrative. Thanx for sharing. PS, was that the ??? you floated? Looked like the camp ground downstream of the hatchery.

Ed Call

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We did not float, we had boots on the ground...and one knee. There is a hatchery in the area, and at this time of they year if we got lucky we would figure it would be some hatchery fish good for bonking. I joked with Jeff on day two, while he read up on the Doug Rose book, that I'd be back in a bit to slap a slab of hatchery steelhead on the hood of the truck. We all should realize how utterly funny that was. Jason was the one that found the great deal on the Sessions Black and suggested it. He and Evan both have made a recommendation that it is good beer and comes at a great price. This was my first time drinking it. I am not a beer snob, I like most beer, except Corona because I know how those bottles get filled, and prefer dark beers. This one was very enjoyable and for the price of under a buck a bottle I will seek it out often in the future. I've not seen it in my local stores, so I might have to make a beer run to somewhere that has it. There was a stanley flask in the room, it may have been in hand during the shooting of that photo. My flask was also in hand at the time so it did not show up. Good times. I do hope that we get together out there again soon...same three amigos, with other interested parties welcome of course. There is so much moving water in that area that merits exploration, in fact, the next time we might stray a bit further from vampire central and explore a bit more.
Fun post to read. I recognize the spots you were at though it has been a few years since I was there.

Years ago someone in the fish and game department decided those outhouses needed stainless steel seats for longevity. It was fun to watch guys twitching around waiting for someone to take the initial chill off that stainless steel. Those 20+ degree mornings had something to do with that.

I've always liked the Hungry Bear. Is the cafe still open???? That was my home water in that area.....

Hope you guys have fun the next time out, I am sure you will. I hope to get out there this Spring some time. Don't know if I would fit in though as I do not have any facial hair........
Three Amigos and the OP

Seeing that thread line, I thought we were in for another great xtranormal video. Nothing like a little road trip to get the juices (and drinks) flowing. That's the essence of winter fishing alright.


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Hey Jeff, I feel for ya on the knee! It almost kept me from doing my annual steelhead trip a few years back. I beat it up while finishing a concrete floor without knee pads. "How long I been doing this? 30 yrs? What a meat!!"
Anyway, as it turns out, the best thing for it, was to stand in the very cold water of the Ronde and make thousands of casts. The cold reduced the swelling along with a prescribed medpack. A couple of Jubal Ales and a few pulls of Crown didn't hurt either. Hope your recovery is quick.
By the way, the beer of choice on our last trip was Mirror Pond, Inversion and Sessions. Must be a steelhead thing.


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Jason, thanks for having my back and handling that infamous rock for me.
Gotcher back, man. That rock kicked your ass. Here's a shot of Bandy's fall...

I didn't see the stanley flask in the bar pic.
That fucker was drained by lunchtime. The bar pic was late.

Here's a few more...

The guy is ALWAYS fucking around on the internet...

Even in the background...

More gear than an Everest expedition...

Good fucking times, gents.